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Roger Haggerty
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The two main reasons clients build pools are for recreation and to create a space for entertaining, says Roger Haggerty, owner of Haggerty Pools in Norwalk. When building a pool, the first step is a landscaping plan that fits the size of your yard and your budget. Here are some other features to consider:

Get Sporty
“Many people are putting in shallower pools or ‘sports pools,’ where the shallow end extends into a six- to seven-foot deep end,” says Haggerty. This gradual slope helps accommodate several people who want to play volleyball or exercise in the water.

Hot Hangout
“An average hot tub size is eight feet by eight feet, with enough space for eight jets and four people, but a spa tub can be customized,” says Haggerty. The size of your spa will dictate placement of the jets, and consider the bench height, or how much of your body you want above the water. “Another hot trend is to use glass tile on the inside of the spa, which creates a vibrant, sparkling effect that’s spectacular on sunny days.”

Go Remote
Many pool owners are choosing user-friendly automated systems. “Jandy and Pentair are the top two remote systems that control everything from pool and spa heat to lighting,” says Haggerty. They can synch to your current home automation system, and you can access the app on your smartphone. Haggerty Pools, Norwalk; 203-348-6899; haggertypools.com

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