Fresh Start

Leaving winter behind, spring’s promise of a new beginning emerges. The timing is perfect for the Haus of Pretty (, a hair and beauty salon founded by Kelsey Morey, to open in a new spot. In February it moved from Railroad Place to a space on Riverside Avenue near the Whelk and Saugatuck Sweets (Morey calls it a pre-city or dinner-date glam spot). It’s double the square footage, providing room for Nataliya Lalor’s photography studio, N. Lalor Photography ( Morey also introduces her own hair product line and high-end home hair-color kits (available online). We asked about winter-stressed hair. Here’s her rescue plan.

Is there help for winter hair?
“After a cold winter filled with hats, scarves and loungewear, no doubt, your tresses may be feeling the stresses of the season. When environmental factors like dry air, freezing temperatures and friction from added layers combine, it can be a recipe for broken and dull strands. Now is the perfect time to add much-needed nutrients back into your hair to have your best look by summer. At Haus of Pretty, we are focused on the science behind healthy hair. When nutrients are taken out, they must be put back in, in order to create optimal strands. This begins with healthy hair color. Make sure your colorist is using bond multipliers and strengtheners in your color formula. These special chemical additives prevent your hair from breaking, losing nutrients and moisture during processing.”

What steps should we take?
“After any type of color, you should be receiving a pH balancing treatment to add needed nutrition and help seal your hair. This would be a gloss or pH conditioning treatment following your shampoo. They act as a topcoat for your hair, similar to nail polish. It adds shine. The pH calms your hair strands, preventing future damage.”

What about long term?
“Regular maintenance for any type of hair, color treated or not, would include in-salon or at-home protein and oil treatments once per week. Protein and oils rich in omega-3s and fatty acids protect your hair from damage by forming a sort of armor on the outer layer. It is also beneficial for the scalp, as an oily environment protects your follicles and encourages new growth. By doing this once per week, you are creating an ideal environment for hair health and growth. You may find that you will have to wash your hair less as a result of the oil rebalancing.”

Any tips for shampooing?
“We are big fans of dry shampoo, dry conditioners and washing your hair as little as possible. Dry shampoo is best used right before you get in the shower. Spray and put your hair up before jumping in. The steam will make the dry shampoo particles absorb oil most effectively. You can follow this with a leave-in conditioner, dry conditioner or oils. We don’t recommend serums until the weather is warmer—they can make your hair stiffen and break during cold seasons. Opt for something cream-based instead. When you do wash your hair, make sure you are using something moisturizing, sulfate-free and color-safe. Our shampoos are aloe-based, which creates a gentle but effective moisturizing and balanced cleanse. We recommend staying away from entirely organic shampoos. We’ve noticed these can be allergen producing and extremely drying for clients. The sweet spot for healthy hair is in the middle of the road between safe, manufactured chemicals and beneficial natural ingredients.”

Anything else?
“Investing in silk pillowcases and soft wrap headbands are other great ways to maintain long-term hair health. This prevents breakage from friction around your hairline at night, and during the day when you’re sailing around Westport in a couple of months or so. Also, we recommend keeping up with regular trims to keep your mane as tangle free and in the best shape as possible. In case you were wondering—yes, using professional shears does make a huge difference in terms of contributing to healthy hair. Our shears are made from quality, sharpened steel that leaves smoother cuts on a microscopic level, lending to better overall texture and manageability in your hairstyle. This is the reason our scissor cuts for men give better grow outs than clippers. We believe every detail matters when it comes to your hair health. These small adjustments will lead to big end results.”

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