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After growing up in Greenwich and working in Stamford Hospital’s emergency room, Tim Corvino, MD continued his profession in the Midwest and Southeast. The son of parents in the medical field, he spent more than a decade at Emergency Medicine Physicians in Canton, Ohio, before heading to the Chicago area, where he was president of Integrated Acute Care. Most recently, he served as chief operating officer at Covenant Physician Partners in Nashville. As the newly appointed CEO of the Greenwich-based Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Specialists (ONS), Dr. Corvino is thrilled with his new role—and the opportunity to raise his family in Fairfield County.

You joined ONS in February. Then the pandemic hit. What kind of challenges did you face?
The biggest change when I first arrived at ONS was working through the COVID-19 crisis while staying focused on the future and growth opportunities for the next two to five years. Organizations need to continually evolve to remain vital and relevant. I knew it was important to be disciplined about looking ahead beyond the immediate circumstances.

What’s the best part about being back in your hometown?
So much. It feels like home; I love the community; and I’m so excited for my wife, Dina, and my two children, Emma and Liam, to experience living here. The beaches, the food, the Yankees…the list goes on and on.

How did your background in emergency medicine prepare you for your new position?
One of the unique attributes of emergency medicine is that you work with physicians in every specialty in medicine and surgery, each of which has a unique set of challenges. Part of my role as CEO at ONS is to make sure our specialists are best equipped to deliver the highest level of care to patients today and in the future. With my understanding of the specific needs of ONS specialists, I am able to work closely with them to shape our future as a practice.

ONS physicians serve as team doctors for New Canaan High School and Darien football and lacrosse. Are your doctors involved in other local organizations?
Working with patients of all ages to keep them healthy and active is central to our mission. ONS physicians provide team support to more than a dozen youth sports organizations in our area, including Greenwich High School, Greenwich Academy, Iona Prep and White Plains High School. We also provide injury prevention programs for coaches, parents and student athletes to help our youth avoid injuries that can affect their play, and perhaps become a chronic problem later in life.

Besides sports medicine, what are the other specialties there?
ONS is fortunate to have 26 fellowship-trained physicians with expertise in the full spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Along with sports medicine, we provide minimally invasive orthopedic, spine and brain surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, outpatient and inpatient joint replacement, trauma and physical therapy.

It sounds like healthcare is in your blood. How did that experience inspire you to become a physician?
My mother and father were extremely important in shaping my career in healthcare. I learned a lot from my dad about the importance of serving the needs of the community and putting the patient first and foremost in the center of all decisions. While president of Greenwich Hospital, my dad worked with an incredible team of professionals. I learned so much from getting to know each of them. I also learned the importance of working as a team and the art of compromise. My mother’s influence was equally important. She served as the Director of Surgery at Montefiore Medical Center for 20 years. I was a pharmacy intern at the later part of her career, where I was fortunate to witness so many memorable moments with her that still impact my approach to healthcare delivery today. I never contemplated a career outside of medicine because of them.

What are some of your goals as CEO?
The primary goal is to continue our mission of providing the highest standard of orthopedic and neurosurgical care through professional collaboration and compassion for our patients. With the emphasis on safety, we launched the telemedicine services and adapted our medical offices to meet CDC standards. We are also presenting patients in need of joint replacement with a same day, outpatient option, so they can recover in the comfort and safety of home. Looking ahead, my goal is to make it possible for ONS to stay ahead of the pack with cutting-edge innovation and patient-centered care and expand our unique brand of care through strategic partnerships with practices that share our high standards and values. With the support and commitment throughout the entire rganization, I know we will accomplish great things.

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