Recharge at Hush Meditation in Greenwich

above: The Red Light Therapy room – Photography: contributed

A luxe meditation and wellness center that opened recently in Glenville, Hush offers clients many ways to relax in a chic, soothing environment. “This is a spa for your soul,” explains founder Stephanie DeSantis, who created Hush as an upscale sanctuary, a place where people can go to feel grounded and healthier. Stephanie and her cousin Devin Heck, who’s a corporate attorney in New York, are partners in the business. She says meditation has helped her get through tough times, and she wants to share this mindfulness technique with others to promote positive emotional and physical health.

Founder Stephanie DeSantis – Portrait: Albert Marashi

“We get blow-outs, and we go to the gym,” says Stephanie, who is also a sought-after beauty and brow expert, “but why aren’t we doing more to help our mental health?” To that end, her new space with SoHo House vibes features a modern lounge where you can wait with a cup of tea before your service. There is also a sitting porch, and three floors of treatment rooms with different modalities to help clients find their balance and destress—everything from a Crystal Chakra bed to Red Light Therapy on a heated PEMF mat in the Ruby Room to Himalayan salt rooms and a large Pilates/yoga studio. It’s like one-stop shopping for wellness, with everything under one roof.

Comfortable and calming décor

For those who are new to meditation, the Somadome Pod is a great place to start. Sit in the pod to experience a twenty-minute guided meditation paired with light immersion and electromagnetic energy to reduce stress and anxiety. For a one-on-one service with a therapist, you can schedule private reiki, astrology or stretch sessions. “Stretching is like the fountain of youth because it moves blocked energy,” Stephanie says.

left: Somadome pod; right: Meditative reminder


While meditation and wellness are highly personal, Hush also has a social aspect to it, with group sessions such as sound bowl meditations held in the salt room and Peaceful Pilates, a class combining mat Pilates with a fifteen-minute meditation. There’s space for private parties, women’s circles and events like a “pre-wedding wellness night.” It’s a way for friends to connect, an alternative to going out for dinner or drinks. “Though it’s called Hush, I want people to feel comfortable talking. I want my clients to be able to share and discuss things like anxiety,” she says. “This place is a reprieve that’s not judgmental, a space where we can go as a community to feel grounded, balanced, safe and support each other.” 6 Glenville Street, Greenwich, 203-914-2011;

left: Himalayan Salt Room; right: Crystal Chakra Bed

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