Play It Cool


Too hot for your regular coffee order? Try a Nitro Cold Brew from Winfield Street Coffee ( This eye-opener is made from single-origin beans that have been brewed for sixteen hours and nitro kegged. If you want to chill out in a gentle way, consider the soothing organic lemongrass iced tea.

BonJo’s Cold-brewed coffee on tap

Stamford loves its coffee—here are just a few tasty stops…
1. Beanz
2. BonJo Coffee Roasters
3. Friends Café
4. The Granola Bar To Go
5. Humbled Coffeehouse
6. Lorca
7. Turning Point Coffee and Wine Bar
8. Verde Galerie Flower Shop & Café


Raise your pinky at Turning Point Coffee Roasters if you love the bean and the leaf alike. Consider its seasonal iced-tea crafts, including the perfectly named London Fog made with Earl Grey tea with lavender, vanilla and milk, or strawberry-basil iced tea with a sweet hint of honey.

Turning Point’s strawberry-basil iced tea


Suffering a post-workout energy lull or a mid-day/too-much-sun motivation dip? Zapped. Got it. Maybe a Protein Blast from Makis? Try this blend of bananas, strawberries, almond milk, yogurt, protein and peanut butter. It also has frozen bowls and juices, like the Stress Buster with celery, carrots, pineapple and lettuce (but who’s stressed, right?).

Also refreshing…
Juice Press

Protein Blast with banana, strawberry, almond milk, yogurt, protein and peanut butter.


What, you think something good is just going to come to you? Of course! If you haven’t tried a Kona Ice yet, it’s time. The colorful, flavorful ice truck recently launched a new service: Kurbside Kona. You get to stay home and the sweet treat is delivered to you (your curb, to be exact). As of press time, it will be stopping only at homes that placed an order—and the minimum is a very reasonable $20. In fact, it is offering only delivery and no money is exchanged (all contactless). Order up:

Sunny Daes’ Vanilla
soft serve

Other grab-and-go places to try all summer long…
Sunny Daes
Gofer Ice Cream
Cold Stone Creamery
16 Handles
Dairy Queen
Scoops & Smiles
Fun Land Yogurt

Birthday Cake Remix: cake batter ice cream with brownie and hot fudge topped with rainbow sprinkles.
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