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Westport will be ready for you, holiday shoppers. Many of the empty spaces of a year ago are now filled in, and beautifully so. It’s taken downtown up a level, including new service-oriented businesses, making for great shopping and getting prepped for get-togethers. Here are three places to add to your list…

A newcomer to Westport is offering a special gift box for the holidays. rowan, a jewelry shop and subscription service, looks to honor the earring experience by offering hypoallergenic piercings performed in shop or at home by licensed nurses. Westport is its second outpost, with piercing-studio locations offered at select Targets across the country. For the holiday season, it is offering a subscription box from celebrity designers Sara and Erin Foster of the TV series Barely Famous, including their signature whimsical studs—perfect for a first piercing or upper-ear add on.

left: Inside the Westport studio—fresh, bright and clean right: You’ll find the Rowan shop on Main Street

Who couldn’t use an extra dose of positivity at this chaotic time of year? Just head over to the “Queen of Hearts” home base, kerri rosenthal’s sleek new Westport space at 181 Main St. Pick up a unique gift for yourself or spread some style with a special gift from this Westport native whose lines you may have seen in the Hamptons this summer. KR is expanding ever still to Shopbob and an in-store accessories shop at Bloomingdales NYC. Pop a block of love from the life-size gumball machine as you say “you knew her when” and pick up a unique piece from her collection, including quilted coats and hats, luxe knitwear and happiness-infused accessories. This new space provides quintessential gifting for your mother-in-law, tweenager or even long-lost cousin. Everybody’s happy!

left: Beanie with Patchwork Love Long Cardigan and Smiley. middle: Imperfect Heart Cashdana and sweater in Dusty Lilac. right: Cheeky sweater in indigo, KR Woven and Jogger in Alpine.

Commitment can be challenging. Commitment to gel nail color can be downright excruciating. glosslab, a modern, hygienic, non-water-based nail salon by membership offers a grand alternative to the dreaded chipping or fading that happens if you wait too long. When the holidays have you too crazy to make it into the salon, pick up a take-home gel-eraser kit to safely remove the holidays Scarlet Starlet and replace it for a more soothing Ballet Slippers.

left: Glosslab’s Mani Rescue Kit to remove polish, file and re-polish right: Choose color and top coats for long-lasting manis
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