This Artist Speaks Up for Women

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Ann Weiner’s bold and bodacious life-sized sculptures tell stories. The subjects of choice for her new exhibition, opening on January 25 at Bridgeport’s Housatonic Museum of Art, center around eight women with their own profound tales to tell.

Weiner’s show, titled “When Caged Birds Sing,” deal with the violations and indignities that these women have had to endure. They include domestic abuse, sex trafficking, date rate and kidnapping, to name just a few of a litany of similar atrocities.

Weiner observes: “Though we live in an era in which advances continually improve the lives of many, still, in our time, women worldwide suffer as second-class citizens denied their basic human rights.”

The exhibition, following on the heels of the #METOO movement, is timely and relevant. Visitors are invited to write their own stories on pieces of paper, folded into the shapes of birds, which are then confined to a metal cage.

The generous spirits of two volunteers, who have devoted their time to this project, have resulted in a forty-five-minute film, which further serves to document these women’s plights. The film is deftly edited by Joyce Eldh and arranged vocally by Susan Terry, whose own magnificent voice interpreted the stories for each of these women.

The pain of physical, psychological, and emotional mistreatment, simply because of their gender, has enabled these eight women to advocate courageously for resolution on behalf of others still at risk.

These global abuses have been captured and created through the sculptor’s iconic work, and will leave the viewer thinking hard.

Artist Ann Weiner, women’s advocate and distinguished artist, speaks to all women (and men). It is through her insight, compassion and originality that her hope for change becomes the prevailing goal.

The exhibition is on view from January 15 through February 10. The opening reception is on Thursday, January 25, 5:30-7 p.m. A Panel Discussion follows on Thursday, February 8. All take place at Housatonic Museum of Art, 900 Lafayette Boulevard, Bridgeport.


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