Babes & Barre Class

Getting back in shape is often a priority for new mothers, but it can be a challenge to squeeze in a workout when a new baby is in the picture. Go Figure Barre Studios in New Canaan and Darien are offering a brilliant solution! At their newly launched Babes & Barre classes, new moms bring baby along for a low-impact workout specifically designed for a woman’s postpartum body. Babes & Barre is an ideal way to rebalance your body and build social connections – all while getting stronger and bonding with your baby!

The Babes & Barre program was developed by fitness professional and certified Go Figure instructor, Caroline George, who was determined to get back into top form after having her baby. With an emphasis on strengthening and toning the muscle groups that require extra attention in postpartum women, she created the Babes & Barre program to allow new moms to tone-up and care for their babies with greater ease. Babies are gently and safely incorporated into the classes that focus on abdominals, upper back muscles, thighs, pectorals, and glutes, to improve balance while reducing stress and fatigue. By incorporating this method into her postpartum exercise routine, George lost 40 pounds and she guarantees you will feel a difference in your body after just one hour long class!

George first introduced the Babes & Barre class in their Palm Beach, Florida studio to rave reviews. Now, certified Go Figure instructors in New Canaan and Darien are bringing the class exclusively to their New Canaan and Darien studios. Babes & Barre will be offered in the New Canaan location every Monday and Wednesday at 3:00pm, and in Darien at 11:45am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

With a reputation for chiseling incredibly toned, strong bodies, the Figure Method was founded by Cindy Sites, a classically trained dancer, 13 years ago. Ms. Sites says the method is particularly effective because the exercises focus on building a strong core which is essential for women wishing to tone their post-baby bodies.

“My clients tell me that after taking our classes, they feel more energetic, stronger, their clothes fit better, and, when they leave our studio, they literally feel inches taller. That’s the benefit of the Figure Method,” Sites explains.

To sign up for classes, visit the Go Figure website at or contact the Go Figure Studio at (203) 966-8662. Go Figure Barre Studios are conveniently located in Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Westchester (Rye/Armonk) and other locations across the United States.

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