Bridal Boot Camp

The Multitasking Workout: This workout doubles the intensity by combining upper and lower body moves while adding cardio intervals. The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine includes ten moves that you do for one minute each and repeat for three sets. You’ll hit every major muscle group in a balanced way, rev up your metabolism and increase your afterburn so you’ll burn more calories throughout the day (and leave you with more time to pick out the centerpieces).

Thirty Push-Ups ­­
(or as many as you can do in a minute)
Keep your hands wide and look above your fingers to keep the neck in line with the spine. (Modify by dropping your knees to the ground.)

Jumping Lateral Lunges
Lunge to the right with right hand on your quad for support, left hand reaches to the floor. Then, push off to come back to center while jumping into the air with arms overhead. Land in a left leg side lunge, with left hand on your left quad and right hand reaching to the floor.

Side Plank Outer Thigh Lifts with Triceps French press
Lay on your side balancing on the right elbow with legs stacked on top of each other. Hold a medium weight in your left hand, placing the weight behind your neck and elbow pointing to the sky. Lift and lower the weight and the top (left) leg at the same time. Switch sides thirty seconds in. Be sure to keep your hips off the floor for multitasking oblique toning.

Front Lunges with Biceps Curls
Lunge forward with the right leg, aligning the knee over your ankle rather than your toes, holding medium weights at your hips. As you stand back up to start position, raise the weights to your shoulder by bending the elbows.  Alternating legs throughout the minute.

Dead lift rows
Hold medium/heavy weights in each hand by your hips. Hinge at your hips, and with a flat back, lower the weights to your knees. Bend your elbows to lift the weights to your ribs on each side. Straighten arms and lower the weights back to knee level. Engage your glutes and hamstrings to stand back up with a flat back.

Squat Elbow Tap to Shoulder Press
Hold weights at shoulder level and squat so that your elbows touch your quads. Stand back up and press the weights overhead.

Lower Back Airplanes
Lie on your stomach, extend the arms to the side like airplane wings. Lift everything off the floor except for your stomach, engaging your upper and lower back.

Plié Squat Hops Cardio
From a standing position, jump feet out to the sides, twice as wide as shoulder-width apart with knees bent as deep as you can squat, hands on quads, then jump feet together for a narrow squat. Repeat ten reps, shake it out with ten jumping jacks, repeating as many as you can in one minute.

Kick to Back Lunge Floor Touch Cardio
From a standing position, kick your right leg forward. As you snap it back and place it on the floor, transfer the weight to that leg and lunge the left leg back, reaching the left hand to the floor. Repeat for thirty seconds and then switch sides.

Bicycle Crunches
Lay on your back with hands behind your head and legs straight out, hovering about six inches from the floor. Twist your torso to the left as you bend the left knee in toward the right shoulder. Be careful not to twist the neck too far by bringing the elbow to the knee; it’s the shoulder that lifts and the elbow stays wide. Alternate sides for the full minute.

Nutritional Touchdown:
Allen Campbell, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s former personal chef and author of the TB12 Nutrition Manual, offers big-league advice:

1 Remove gluten, dairy and white sugar and cut back on the alcohol (it inhibits the body from absorbing nutrients and also causes inflammation). Give your diet a plant-forward focus—animal protein is included but not the star of the meal. Include local, wild and organic whole foods to keep your body running properly.

2 Campbell recommends intermittent fasting for weight loss, increased energy and a reduction in belly fat. The most important rule is not to eat three hours before bed.

3 Before bed wind down away from screens. Proper sleep allows the body to digest, rebuild, recover and reduce stress and stress eating. When the sun comes up, Campbell says to start the day with a glass of lemon water to wake up the lymphatic system.

4 Meditate for ten minutes a day. “Breath work can give immediate relief to those who are new at it, and if you make it a part of your daily routine, you will eat and live more mindfully,” says Campbell.

5 Create a weekly meal plan and schedule. Campbell brings his TB12 meals to your home with his new venture, AC Kitchen. It’s an organic, small-batch meal service that delivers to Greenwich. See

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