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Stella’s Stomping Grounds

For more than fifty years, New Canaan was a hub for some high-profile artists who fled New York City on weekends and flocked to that famous see-through house on Ponus Ridge Road, where they debated art and architecture by day and partied into the night. The home was The Glass House, and its inhabitants–architect Philip Johnson and curator David Whitney–hosted many art world celebs, including Frank Stella. “For me, it was a place to relax, to have a good time, to forget about the week,” says Stella. Johnson wasn’t just Stella’s friend, he was a customer—he bought one of Stella’s earliest paintings, Astoria, in 1958. By the time Johnson and Whitney had died in 2005, fourteen of Stella’s works lived on the New Canaan property. It seems only fitting, then, that Stella’s latest work, Scarlatti Kirkpatrick, will launch a brand-new exhibition program at The Glass House that runs through November 30. The harpsichord music of the late Italian composer Domenico Scarlatti inspired the series. Says Stella, “I was drawn into the music’s rhythm and movement, which I think you can see when your eye follows the forms of each of these pieces.”

Cleaner Corn

Americans consume 54 quarts of popcorn per person every year, making it one of the most popular snacks in the country. Now, Darien natives Kristy and Coulter Lewis have put a cleaner spin on the classic snack staple. For this couple, the inspiration for Quinn Popcorn popped up about two years ago when Kristy was pregnant with their first child and her doctor advised her to steer clear of microwave popcorn. The Lewises, who live in Massachusetts, founded the company in their home. With a small, energetic staff and the power of social media, they quickly spread the word about their product, which is made with organic kernels and Vermont maple syrup, and without hydrogenated oils, artificial flavorings and Teflon-patched bags. Quinn Popcorn is now available in more than thirty states. Locally, you can find it at Whole Foods and Palmers in Darien, and at Flea in Rowayton.

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