Culture Choc is Chocolate With Benefits

5 Questions WithEric Johnson, Celebrity Trainer, Fitness and Wellness Guru

A quick-fire conversation on the chocolate that helps with energy and endurance, focus and flow, recovery and relaxation

Celebrity trainer Eric Johnson, Founder of Culture Choc, feels the benefits of his functional chocolate

1. Samantha Yanks: Eric, as our new fitness and wellness contributor, you always have your eye on what’s next. There has been a big evolution in what we eat pre and post workout. Tell us about your first product, Culture Choc?

Eric Johnson: First, I am beyond honored and excited to be the new fitness and wellness contributor. Culture Choc’s culmination is as organic as our ingredients. After years of hustling from one session to the next in New York City, my brother Ryan and I were on a never-ending quest to find the perfect pre-workout snack for our clients and, honestly, ourselves. We were in search of something healthy and convenient to bridge the gap between meals without impeding physical performance. The majority of products on the market are filled with “creepy” ingredients, loads of caffeine and sugar and false promises. When we stumbled upon the research surrounding dark chocolate, we started experimenting. That’s when we realized dark chocolate could be a vehicle for energy, focus and recovery with the addition of a few performance-enhancing ingredients. So we did the leg-work, and not just squats, to perfect these shockingly nutritious chocolate bars to improve every part of your day.

2. SY: As a celebrity trainer (yes, the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Charlie Puth, Andrew Garfield, Jonathan Groff and more) you’ve also come to collaborate with some. Who is involved in Culture Choc with you?

EJ: While I’ve had the great fortune to test our products on some of Hollywood’s highest-profile celebrities, Culture Choc is a family-run business. Since his birth, my brother Ryan and I have been a tag team in all of our ventures. My wife, Melissa, is our creative director. From her work in the music and entertainment industry, she brings an artistic influence to the company and will be focusing on brand partnerships, marketing campaigns and content direction.

3. SY: Tell us about the three bars in the lineup, their ingredients and their best use case is.

EJ: Chocolate with benefits is our motto. Dark chocolate is the star of the show here, think of the other ingredients as sidekicks. Let’s start with MOJO, the pre-workout bar that started it all is made of 70% cacao, cordyceps mushroom extract, and a pinch of sea salt for electrolytes. The benefits are energy, stamina and vasodilation (aka, the pump). Next in our lineup is MUSE, the afternoon pick-me-up, enjoyed with a cup of coffee dark chocolate bar, that also has Lion’s Mane mushroom for improved cognition and cerebral blood flow to help with focus, creativity and productivity. Last but not least, our MELLOW bar with reishi mushroom aids the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state of the nervous system. With the added benefits of dopamine stimulation, hunger suppression and an improved mood, this is a healthy alternative to a sweet tooth craving. 

4. SY: For you both fitness and recovery are equally as important. How do the Culture Choc bars fit into that balance. 

EJ: You can only adapt to what you can recover from. Quality nutrition aids that highly underrated recovery process so that we can maximize the efficiency of the work we do physically. There are far too many benefits of exercise that everyone should be taking advantage of. Our goal is for Culture Choc’s products to act like Pavlov dogs and through their consumption, stimulate a desired behavior. For someone who despises going to the gym, we want you to look forward to having our deliciously nutritious chocolate right before you workout. When you’re going to raid the freezer for dessert, we hope you replace it with our bar. We want to create a culture of a healthy balance in your pursuit to live more life. 

5. SY: Do you have any other products on the horizon? You know we love to hear the news here first!

EJ: At the heart of our company, we want to create products that solve behavioral and psychological problems surrounding food. While we plan to introduce more chocolate bars to meet other benefits in the future, we will continue to research and receive feedback from our customers and clients with their struggles around nutrition and achieving high performance. Whether that’s solving for convenience, improving our formulas or adding flavors, we promise to give you first dibs on all of our upcoming product launches! 

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