Daily Digital Essentials

I have elevated “there’s an app for that” to an adage (I’m on my phone all the time). Recently, I downloaded apps that help me stay productive and tend to my well-being. Here are four that I can no longer live without, not just for work goals, but also for personal ones.

Fitness studios are temporarily closed, but I still want coaching—so I found an app. This one tracks my run data, gives coaching and changes as I get better, and lets me connect with others. I can even take a guided run with Headspace.

This app taught me about meditation. I can work on sleep, anxiety or healthy living and watch segments that guide me through the lessons. The short animations work in my tight schedule, and the narrator’s voice is ultra-calming.

In this app, I message back and forth with the cutest little robot, Woebot. Relying on an intuitive interface, this CBT (cognitive behavioral training) helps me to think about how I’m feeling, thanks to Stanford psychologists. I’m coached about my worries, yet it feels like a super-short check-in from a wise friend.

This meal-planning app offers super-easy, real-life recipes, most of which I can complete in about thirty minutes. I choose how many dishes to cook each week, then which ones, and the app creates a shopping list, which I easily cross off as I pick up items. The recipe directions are always clear and accurate.

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