Equinox Darien Presents: The Realities of College Athletic Recruiting

Still unsure of how college recruiting works for athletes? Equinox Darien organized a panel of experts, coaches and recruiters to dish on the top myths and realities of college athletic recruiting. Curious to know the best time to start the recruiting process or when to best market your athlete to colleges to increase chances of getting recruiting from their top choices? Equinox Darien shares top tips on how athletes can leverage their competitive edge with their academic achievements to have more options in the college recruiting process. Top Fairfield County coaches including Lee Jones, Kevin Rusch, Eric Pellini, Rob Trifone, Marj Trifone and Courtney Bennett share their best recruiting advice.


  • Only 2 percent of high school athletes receive a scholarship and the average scholarship is 3-5k.
  • Less then 1 percent of all high school athletes will be D1 athletes.
  • More then 90 percent of college playing opportunities are below the d1 level.
  • There are 22 times more academic scholarships available to the student athlete then an athletic scholarship.
  • College coaches recruit at least 10-15 student athletes for every player’s position.
  • 75% of all high school athletes that make all leagues never get recruited by colleges.

Planning for admissions
The recruiting process is starting earlier then ever before. Be prepared early. If you have a child that at least is considering collegiate athletics, then it’s important to prepare them for that recruiting process.

Requisite athletic and academic strategies
The biggest myth out there is that freshman grades don’t count. They do count, and for the student athlete they count a lot! When you are being recruited and coaches look at your academic record, they are going to the admissions department to monitor progress in the classroom.

For recruited athletes, it's a lot easier for a college coach to recruit an athlete that has good grades. Certain college coaches have limited amount of academic slots. If you are a student that's a terrific athlete but your grades are mediocre, there’s a lot more “massaging” that needs to be done on behalf of the coach.

The best way to get exposure as an athlete to your top college choices

Commitment is not only the end goal in the recruiting process. There is so much emphasis placed on the recruiting process that it’s easy to forget there four years in college after you actually get in. The reality is you have four years to focus on your character development once you get in to your dream school. Ask yourself: Am I willing to see this commitment through for 4 years? Think about who you want to be very far down the line.

Understanding the recruiting process

Parents need to expose teens to the level teens have the most opportunity to have success at. You need to take a good look at the level your teen is realistically able to compete at. The people who are calling you back are the people that are recruiting you.

How to express interest to a school to get on their radar

It's a different world now then it was 20 years ago. In today’s competitive market, being a good athlete is not enough to get recruited. There are a lot of good athletes out there, so what can you to differentiate yourself from the other athletes? When coaches are recruiting, they want to know about the student’s personality and character. The best way to market this is through constant communication and updates. Demonstrating an interest in a program is equally important as a way to stand out such as showing up at lacrosse camp. Coaches want to see student athletes who are interested in their program. Show you are interested in the school.

Nutrition for top performance to showcase athletic abilities

A baseline level of fitness and weight/cross training is good for coordination and injury prevention. In the recruiting process, you may need to be able to transition your body to get 2-3x more out of it. Lifting, good nutrition, a client diet, and weight training are critical in terms of injury prevention. Remember to feed your furnace with good feel. When a person feels better they perform better.

Showcase athletic abilities to gain exposure

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