Best Of FAQ

There is a lot that goes into Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions:

1. What is the Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut?
The Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut is a celebration of the best Fairfield County has to offer when it comes to Food & Drink, Style & Beauty and Living & Home – as voted by the readers of Greenwich, New Canaan-Darien, Stamford and Westport Magazines.

This year, we’re also adding athome in Fairfield County’s Best of the Gold Coast CT. It’s a mouthful, but worth it. These are the home-related categories that will be revealed in our town pubs and shelter pub, athome in Fairfield County.

2. How do we determine Best of Gold Coast Connecticut winners?

Our readers nominated their favorites, in dozens of categories, through an online ballot. Nominations are accepted from January 26 through February 13, 2024, as the FIRST part of the competition. The businesses that get the most nominations in each category advance to the SECOND part of the competition: the voting round! It will run in March (look for updates). The top vote-getters are the year’s Best of Gold Coast Connecticut winners.

3. It used to be only one round. Why is it now two?
We added the nomination round to give more businesses an opportunity to be included on the voting ballot.

4. How does the voting process for the nomination round work?
During the nomination round, readers will have the chance to nominate their favorite local businesses. If you do not see your name in a category, that means you have not been nominated yet. Ask your customers to nominate you in as many categories as you feel you are relevant in, and then your votes will start to appear. Please note there is some lag time.

5. When does voting begin and end?
Final voting takes place in March. Look for updates.

6. How many times can I vote for a business?

7. Why are certain locations popping up in the dropdown menu?

The businesses on our ballot this year were nominated by our readers during the nomination stage which will run January 19-Feb 6th.

8. My business is not on the ballot, can it be added?
Unfortunately no, the ballot contains only businesses nominated by our readers.

9. Where’s my category?
This year we added new categories, which means that some had to drop out or were reworded. We know it can be disappointing for some, but we didn’t want to run the same list year after year. The new categories refresh the poll.

10. I missed the nominations stage this year. How can I be more prepared next time?
Sign up for our newsletter. Our newsletter contains everything Moffly Media related; print advertising opportunities, upcoming events, special promotions, etc. It is sent twice monthly and you’ll never miss a beat. Sign up here.

11. How do I see if I was nominated in a category?
We have over 1,600 businesses listed on our ballot. Look under the section that fits your industry, then check the categories that most relate to your business.

12. Do advertisers automatically win?
No. Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut results are based on our reader voting. Some winners may be advertisers or later choose to be one, but being an advertiser does not guarantee a win.

13. How can I promote my business to get votes?
See our Best Of voting finalist toolkit with graphics and marketing tips »

14. Where is the submit button? How do I know my votes counted?
There is no final submit button. Once you click the “VOTE” button, your choice is recorded. No further action is needed.

15. I’m having trouble registering. What do I do?
When you start nominating or voting in the first category of your choice, you will be asked to fill out the registration form. When you complete this step, you will be registered and you can continue making nominations on the ballot.

If you have trouble with that process, we would suggest trying a different browser and device.

16. I don’t have time to fill out the ballot right now. Can I come back and make more votes?
Sure! As long as you’ve already registered in that round and it’s before deadline, you can pick up where you left off. When you return to the ballot on the same device, you should be automatically logged in and see your previous selections. If you aren’t logged in and you know that you’ve already registered in that round, click the “Already voted in this round…” link for further instructions.

17. Can I continue the process on another device?
Yes. When you return to the ballot on a different device, click the “Already nominated/voted in this round…” link for further instructions.

18. Why do I have to make an account?
Our balloting software requires that users create an account for each round. This helps us guard against ballot-box stuffing and allows you to revisit your ballot before deadline to make changes and additional nominations (round #1) or votes (round #2).

19. How do I find out who all the winners are?
Winners will be announced in our July/August 2024 issues. Subscribe now to get the Best Of issue delivered right to your mailbox.

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