Finding the Magic Within

Highlight Rituals isn’t just another fine jewelry brand. It is authentically inspired by founder and certified crystal healing practitioner Donnie Soddu’s personal journey and the manifestation of the healing power she discovered within her maternal lineage. It is the literal embodiment of who she is and all that she loves.

Donnie’s early path, while exceptional, wasn’t dissimilar from the paths of many career-oriented women…a successful marketing executive, a wife, a mother, a move from city to suburbia to raise her family. And while all these important life milestones were ultimately satisfying, she felt a pull toward the road less traveled.

She began her renewal studying the healing power of crystals and the exploration of the otherworldly via mediumship, ultimately leading her to connect to her fourth great-grandmother, a matriarch responsible for healing her community through ritual magic and herbalism. I had the opportunity to meet Donnie in person and, as she told me her story, I could almost feel the presence of her ancestor…it still gives me chills.

Highlight Rituals is the culmination of her journey. Donnie’s profound understanding of the power of energy, nature and ritual in everyday life shines through her beautiful, almost ethereal creations. Her designs nurture the divine in each of us, helping us draw on our power. While they are ceremonial in nature, they are a modern and elegant iteration of the traditional more bohemian feel of the crystal market. To say her fine jewels are anything but exquisite would be an understatement as each piece is more special than the next.

The Light Heart Trio Crystal Set

In Donnie’s own words, “my pieces are tools of transformation, delicate conduits of supportive energy that can empower you wherever you go and provide a reminder of your own divinity at every phase of your journey.”

My favorite piece, The Element Pendant, embodies the force of the natural world and invites luck and personal power. Its five stars and five diamonds symbolize the five elements of nature, while its egg-shaped silhouette functions as a talisman for inner transformation and renewal.

The Sacred Pendant, created in homage to the goddesses of love and beauty, helps you deepen the loving connection between your body and spirit, while honoring yourself as a sanctuary of softness, strength, and power. It is hand-engraved with a signature Florentine finish and features a trio of eight-pointed Venusian stars that symbolize pleasure, bounty, beauty, love and divinity.

The Garden Pendant is designed to usher in a life of rich abundance. As the Master Healer, clear crystal quartz protects you while helping attract harmony and block negative energy. Its surrounding garland of 18k gold and diamond dogwood flowers symbolize strength and resilience and together. This pendant inspires us all to nurture ourselves often in order to live a plentiful life.

The Element Pendant & Signature Gold Bead Chain

While fine jewelry is the centerpiece of Highlight Rituals, there are also modern ritual tools and unique, vintage talismans to indulge in. For example, The Light Heart Trio is a quartz set that provides compassion and positivity and is known to heal old emotional wounds. These beautiful hearts are to be placed in shared spaces to promote harmony and understanding.

All of Donnie’s creations are slowly crafted in recycled 18k gold, ethically sourced crystals, or lab-grown diamonds to minimize the brand’s impact on the world’s natural resources. For those not familiar with lab-grown diamonds, they are not imitations or simulants. They have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds and therefore are just as precious.

The Garden Pendant, Side Detail

As if being sustainable isn’t enough, Highlight Rituals also donates a percentage of purchases to a cause of your choice. Choose from a selection of charities that champion racial and indigenous equity, sustainable farming, and climate resilience.

To sum up this important brand, it is proudly Mother-led, Black-owned, and 100% committed to fostering a more generous and heart-centered future for all.

All pieces are handmade to order via and ship within 6 to 8 weeks.

The Element Pendant, Back Detail
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