All Aglow: Inside Glowbar Westport’s Fast Facial Paradise

above: Glowbar’s CEO and Founder Rachel Liverman has transformed the efficient, no-fluff facial space. – Photography: contributed

Meet Rachel Liverman, CEO and Founder of Glowbar, whose Connecticut flagship in Westport is the go-to for fast-facials and a remarkable edit of skincare products. The third-generation esthetician – her grandmother founded the first fully-accredited esthetics institute in the U.S. – saw a white space in the professional skincare industry. Glowbar is making skincare available to everyone by offering facials that can be applied to any lifestyle or budget. Their expert, no-fluff facials help consumers reach their skincare goals without the pain points of time or expense. It is an inclusive, affordable, time-sensitive facial that has lasting effects.

Their singular mission is to help people feel confident in their skin. “Our facials are meant to make you feel good from the inside out because when you feel good, you do good and we want to have the experience at Glowbar be lasting throughout your day. I always say that if you feel good, you’re more patient with your partner or children, nicer to the barista when getting coffee and more likely to smile at a stranger. That’s what we hope Glowbar does for our clients”, shares Liverman.

Glowbar has an edited lineup of products fit for their at-home regimen recommendations.

Samantha Yanks: How would you describe the service offered and what are the most popular?
Rachel Liverman: Glowbar offers customized 30-minute, $65, clinical-grade facials that have made them a breakout success. We reinvented the facial experience, with our quick but effective approach to facials.“Their experience includes an esthetician-led survey to better understand clients’ needs and to determine a treatment plan which can include dermaplaning, chemical peels, extractions, LED, microcurrent treatments.”

SY: Can you let us in into what you are working on now?
RL: We are focusing on expanding Glowbar’s studio count and growing our footprint both in the tri-state area and beyond to other markets. We are planning three new store openings in the next six months!

SY: where and how many locations do you have?
RL: Glowbar currently has six locations, five of them being in New York and one of them is in Connecticut, right here in Westport!

SY: Where do you love to spend time when you are in Westport?
RL: My favorite restaurant is Bartaco. I am always impressed with service-based businesses that pride themselves on hospitality and really walk the walk. I’ve been to two of their locations and the service and quality are A++. It’s delicious and friendly and delivers on its promise; something we aim to do at Glowbar too!

SY: What are you seeing as the greatest needs and requests from your clients?
RL: Most of our clients express that they have sensitive skin. I’ve been saying this for almost a decade now, but most consumers are doing too much at home and their skin is not sensitive, it is sensitized by all of the peels, exfoliants, and toners that they are playing with at home. This further emphasizes the need for Glowbar in all clients’ lives; a professional esthetician can guide you on your routine at home so your skin can glow 365 days a year!

SY: What are you looking forward to in 2023?
RL: I’m looking forward to growing our team and becoming a part of new communities. My favorite thing about Glowbar is the people and culture, and it gets me so excited to add to our leadership team and to expand into new markets!

GLOWBAR Westport
33 Elm Street, Westport

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