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Gyms may have just opened up again (with restrictions, of course), but that doesn’t mean working out at home has to stop. Here, we checked in with Martha Guttuso, a certified personal trainer, who has been leading online classes for those looking for a major sweat fest while in quarantine. “Just bring your body,” she says. “Your mind will follow.” Here’s what Guttuso suggests in order to get the most out of that at-home workout session.

Recognize ahead of time where you could be likely to make excuses for yourself, because it’s something we all do. Find the best time of day to schedule exercise and make it a daily priority so that it becomes part of your routine. And if you fall short, don’t beat yourself up; just start again tomorrow. Some exercise is always better than nothing.

Choose a place in your home and designate it as your personal fitness zone. It can even be your basement or garage. As long as you have a place to go and comfortably move, you’re more likely to go back to the same place each day.

Using visualization before you even start moving can be helpful with motivation. Think about yourself exercising daily and the benefits you’re looking to achieve. If you see yourself as successful, the chances of it happening are greater.

Guttuso’s favorite workout is a HIIT(high-intensity interval training) format. This type of training includes cardio and strength training, requires little to no equipment and can be performed at any fitness level.It is a fun and effective format that burns calories even after your workout is over. Whatever form of exercise appeals to you, Guttuso reminds us to strive for progress, not perfection, and to “pick up a weight, drink enough water and just keep moving.”

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