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We may be trapped inside with rising anxiety levels but let’s remember to give ourselves a break from the twenty-four hour news cycle. Chances are you’re scrolling through Instagram more now than ever before. So we polled our staff for some of their favorite accounts that offer a momentary respite in these crazy time.

Feel Good
I’m not crying, you’re crying. Most of the posts here celebrate sweet examples of empathy and kindness. Others are just meant to make you laugh.

Who doesn’t feel better seeing a kitten snuggle with a baby pig or a cockatiel on roller skates?

Showcasing the best that humanity—and the news—has to offer.

Follow Albert, a paralyzed rescue pup, on his adventures. Triumph over adversity at its cutest.

Inspiration for fitness, nutrition, mind and body. Sounds good, right?

Sure this home shop in Greenwich posts photos of its fun offerings but more often than not, the feed is filled with funny, cute, uplifting messages.

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Captain Obvious added these. (On a serious note, we are committed to keeping you as up to date as possible via social media on the offerings of our local businesses. We’re also committed to making you smile.)

It’s motto: Connecting Connecticut one photo at a time. Gorgeous photos that make us happy we live here. Breathe.

Just Funny
(Editor’s note: If you’re easily offended some of these accounts may not be for you. If it takes more than a few F-bombs and some questionable political correctness, run don’t walk.)

Most of these posts are just funny and witty, but some of the language and messages can be a little, shall we say, colorful.

Trust us, you have friends you’ll tag.

Think you hate charts and graphs? Then you haven’t seen Matt Surelee’s charts and graphs that break down everything from dating and work to traffic and coffee consumption in the funniest way possible.

Hoda Kotb
This woman just has a talent for making us feel warm and fuzzy.

Ellen Degeneres
Equal parts sarcasm, wit and kindness. That’s our Ellen.

Tom Hanks
It’s Tom Hanks. Nuf said.

Kevin Bacon
Because you gotta cut loose. Six degrees no longer separates you from this cutie.

Jennifer Garner
The mom, actress and philanthropist just seems like the next door neighbor everybody want to have.

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