Jeweler Jennifer Fisher Sparkles

Photography by Liz Von Hoene; Product: courtsey of Jennifer Fisher
Hair by Tommy Buckett  |  Makeup by Elena Miglino  |  Styling by Austen Turner
above: Double Natasha Lilly Huggies ,$395; Triple Lilly Huggie Hoops, $450; Ear Cuff Trio, $195; Micro Samira Ear Cuff, $125

When asked what’s next for her, Jennifer Fisher’s answer is simple: “World domination.” As a powerhouse businesswoman who defines modern luxury, Jennifer has, not only, created wildly successful jewelry collections, she’s also grown her eponymous brand to encompass furniture, fashion, a recipe blog, and a line of salts that graces kitchens nationwide. In other words, her objective is hardly idealistic—global ascendency is well within her reach.

Lucky for us, that includes Westport. Her jewelry can be found, locally, at Penfield Collective, now in Sconset Square, as can her salt (her fragrance will be there soon). “It’s such an honor to carry Jennifer Fisher at Penfield Collective,” says founder and owner, Vanessa Lewis. “I’ve been wearing her pieces for years, and I cook religiously with her salts. The moment you put on her jewelry, you feel like the most beautiful and fiercest version of yourself. I wear her Gothic Letter M necklace and hoops every day.”

Jennifer’s salts are also available in town at The Granola Bar, Old Mill Grocery & Deli, and Bungalow. TGB Hospitality Group co-founder and co-CEO, Julie Mountain, shares, “I started to use the Jennifer Fisher salts at home in my own cooking and loved them. I felt our customers aligned with her customers and audience. My partner, Dana Noorily, has been a huge fan of Jennifer Fisher for years, and we just felt like it was a perfect fit.”

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we sat down with Jennifer to chat about how she got her start, what she’s up to now, and what she does in her spare time.

Jennifer Fisher

What prompted you to design a jewelry line?

JF: Prior to becoming a jewelry designer—which was a happy accident—I was a wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles for over 10 years. As a stylist I worked on commercials, advertising, and television sets. In my 30s, I went through chemotherapy, and it made the conceiving process difficult. After three years of trying to get pregnant, my son Shane was born, and I wanted a piece of jewelry to represent him that didn’t look like something everyone else was wearing. I wanted a piece of jewelry that felt bespoke and customized with my information. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I sourced a very simple dog tag, stamped Shane on it and wore it on a heavy, long, gold chain. I would wear the necklace on set while I was styling, and it was an instant conversation piece.

People immediately began asking me if I could make one for them or their significant others, so I began taking orders on set and making them for the grips and gaffers. Then people started asking for more designs, so I made new styles while I was at home with my six-month-old son. When my husband saw the orders piling up, he looked at me and said, “Jen, this is a business; you need a website.” In 2006, I launched a direct-to-consumer website, and Jennifer Fisher was officially born.

Your jewelry has been worn by Michelle Obama, Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez, among many other celebrities. What makes it stand out in a saturated market? And how do you get it into the hands of such high profile women?
JF: We’ve been very fortunate with our celebrity clientele and relationships, which have all happened naturally over time. We don’t pay them. When celebrities wear our jewelry to the grocery store or out and about in their daily lives, not being styled on the red carpet, I think it gives the brand serious credibility because the individuals are choosing to wear it. We stand out, because once people touch and feel our hoops, they realize how lightweight the products are and how high-quality the materials are.

Your growth trajectory as an entrepreneur, starting with jewelry, and exploding into a multi faceted lifestyle brand has been extraordinary. What motivated you to expand into other areas? What’s the ethos of your brand?
JF: The ethos of my brand is to make everyday things cooler. All of our partnerships have happened organically, which has been a blessing. These collaborations have allowed me to expand beyond jewelry and engage in designing furniture for CB2 (which launched right before Covid), bedding for Kassatex, and boots for Larroudé. We’ve actually decided to create a few more styles with Larroudé for fall, so stay tuned. I can’t wait for everyone to see the new colors.

left: Hailey Hoops, $650; right: My Scent, $65

You have a prolific social media presence, which includes @jenniferfisherjewelry and @jenniferfisherkitchen. How much time do you devote to social media and how integral is it to your brand/sales?
JF: Social media, to me—Instagram in particular—is a great communication tool. I use it to speak to my clients, celebrities and to pretty much everybody via both of my accounts. In my mind, it’s like a phone system more than a photography and video site. I’m using it all day long, multiple times a day. Many people are shocked to learn that I handle all of the social media for the brand, which is not a small undertaking!

You have a gorgeous recipe blog on your website. What stimulated this? Do you love to cook? Are you a foodie?
JF: Thank you for saying that! I love to cook, and I’m a foodie, too. I enjoy making things that are delicious and colorful, but also simple, as I’m not classically trained in the kitchen. I learned from watching my parents and from the cooking class I took after school in the sixth grade, which I credit for my brownie baking skills.

Tell us more about your home collaboration with CB2.
JF: The home collection I designed for CB2 was something that came to us organically and was two years in the making prior to launch. The partnership allowed me to design a home collection that felt like my jewelry. Pieces that are universal and appeal to everyone. I thought the neutral items would work with any color palette in a home. The collection felt timeless, which reflects the success of the collaboration. It’s all stuff you never realized you needed until you saw it. I’m really proud of what we were able to create with CB2; they were an amazing partner.

left: Jennifer Fisher Universal Salt, $12; right: My Scent, $65

Your fragrance, My Scent, launched in April 2022 and sold out in two hours! How did this come about?
JF: My Scent was my Covid project. I could never find the perfect fragrance for myself; I was mixing five different aromas. As a result, for years, I’d be riding in an elevator and someone would say, “Who smells like the cookie you eat on vacation?” So I decided to create it for others. It’s a blend of predominantly vanilla and coconut that’s both comforting and sexy. The crazy thing is that so many people bought it without even smelling it!

Your salts have become a must-have item in every kitchen. What inspired these? Do you have a favorite?
JF: The inspiration for the salt came
from not being able to find something in the market to season my eggs in the morning that didn’t have garlic and onion. It literally started with a homemade batch of the Universal Salt blend in a bowl on the side of my stove that I used to season my food. That was our first product, then came Spicy Salt and Curry Salt. My favorite, hands down, is the Spicy Salt.

When you’re not working, what do you love to do in your spare time?
JF: Cook. Although I guess you could say my hobby turned into part of my business! When I’m truly passionate about something, it’s hard to separate the two.

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