Karla’s Kreamery: Small Batch Ice Cream in New Canaan

left: Lavender Latte. below: Spiced Apple.

Photography: Venera Alexandrova

When Karla Sorrentino found herself unable to find any of the ice cream flavors that she really wanted locally, the New Canaan resident decided to start making them herself. Growing up in a family where “food always played a big role” and a mother and grandmother who shared a passion for preparing delicious meals, it’s easy to see why Karla chose to attend culinary school. She learned to make ice cream while attending the Culinary Institute of America so when she decided to move forward with creating Karla’s Kreamery the venture was something she was very comfortable with.

Unlike the more traditional flavors that can be found almost anywhere, Karla’s micro-batch offerings come from inspiration based on her life experiences. She brings in tastes from places she’s traveled and eaten, visits to farms and markets, memories and even smells. She likes to pull from both seasonal and global influences. Sorrentino’s offerings cast a wide breadth—she has a particular affinity for Asian-inspired flavors but also loves to make pints of peppermint ice cream with pieces of homemade chocolate snowflake cookies around Christmas time. ic

Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel

“I’m constantly writing myself notes and lists as I think of ideas—often several times a day, Karla says. “I never know when something is going to pop into my head. I’ll rethink a flavor and often change certain aspects around—scribbling and rearranging things—so that by the time I’m ready to test it, I’ve already put in a lot of thought and effort.”

Being a classically trained savory chef as opposed to a pastry chef allows her to bring a non-traditional skill set to the creations. Her flavors aren’t based only on what she thinks will be delicious but also on what will look beautiful. Each pint is hand crafted by Karla with elements swirled, sprinkled and layered just so, to ensure that “each bite will be balanced and complete,” she says.

VISIT @karlaskreamery on Instagram or karlaskreamery.com for more information and details on how to place an order.

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