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Now that we’re stuck inside more than ever imagined, we gently offer this little reminder that our bodies still need to move. The magazine team reached into the golden archives for this timeless advice from Suzanne Vita Palazzo, CEO of Upper Deck Fitness in Stamford and Westport, in our September 2018 issue. While fitness centers are closed at the moment, you can live stream her workouts (no membership required) to keep you going at home. See the deal at Here’s a few takeaways from the original article by writer Scott Thomas.  —Diane Sembrot

Staying Motivated

  • Keep your goals—whether they are personal, professional or health-related—top of mind.
  • Articulate them every morning to yourself by writing them down.
  • Start the day by completing the sentence, “Today, I will…” with a positive affirmation. Instead of saying, “Today, I will sayno to the cookies,” say, “Today, I will be in control of my choices when it comes to food.”

Resolutions That Make Sense

  • If you are just getting started, shoot for three to four days of movement a week. Do this for a month, and you’ll be physically and mentally ready for more.
  • If you’re already working out regularly and not seeing the type of results you desire, incorporate a type of exercise you’ve never tried before.…the change and variety will serve you very well.”

Food Pantry Cleanse

  • Breakfast cereals should go. Even the so-called healthy versions are highly processed and nutritionally imbalanced.
  • Ditch anything that has the words “partially hydrogenated” oil (regardless of what type) in the ingredient list. These indicate the presence of trans fats and there is just no place for them in a healthy diet.

Get Moving

  • Get up at least once an hour to walk, stretch or climb some Set a calendar reminder if you need to and do not allow yourself to ignore it. Also, take tension off your lower back by touching your toes from standing position ten times, and then reach up for the ceiling ten times.
  • Use your desk chair to practice informal squatting, which will help to mobilize the hips. Stand up and down out of your chair without using hands for support fifteen times. Add this to your every-hour-on-the-hour routine to notice a real difference.
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