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If you truly want to create the perfect kitchen, don’t miss this new book by Barbara Sallick, an icon of American design for over four decades and the co-founder of Waterworks, the premier luxury kitchen and bath brand, and the company’s senior vice president of design. In The Perfect Kitchen (Rizzoli New York; $55), Sallick invites you to settle in and think about what’s most important to you in your kitchen and the result you want to achieve. Key to any successful kitchen design is vision, and in her own inimitable way, Sallick sets you up for success.

It all starts with balancing the feeling you want to create in your kitchen with the experience you want it to be. To help you get into that mindset, Sallick brings together photographs of world-class kitchens from notable interior designers and architects, along with personal anecdotes and essays by renowned food experts. Written in an engaging, informal tone, this book guarantees that when you walk into your final kitchen, you’ll feel perfectly at home.

Kitchen designed by Bonesteel Trout Hall and Eric Olsen Architect –  Photographed by Meghan Beierle-O’brien

The Perfect Kitchen doesn’t tell you how to negotiate with a contractor or what measurement your drawers should be—there are plenty of detailed books for that. Instead, it takes your mind on a journey of inspiration and emotion that’s indispensable, and that no other book comes close to.

©The Perfect Kitchen by Barbara Sallick, Rizzoli New York, 2020.
Barbara Sallick – Courtesy of WATERWORKS

Now that we are all sequestered in our homes, we’re being forced to reckon with the design and function of our kitchens like never before. Unwittingly, you’re gaining knowledge you can act on: Are there any updates that could make a real difference in the space? Remember, the kitchen is the pivotal space for the family— a telephone room, study hall, media room, office and game room all rolled into one—not to mention a place to prepare meals. I hope my book The Perfect Kitchen will help you think about the emotional experience you want to create in your own kitchen, and make it easy (and even fun) to get there, in a space that is truly your own.

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