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Tony Molina is owner of MPR FITNESS. MPR stands for Multiple Planes of Resistance, his trademarked conditioning system, which he designed for results. Along with personal training that focuses on strength, balance, endurance and body composition (hello, old jeans), it offers an initial online health-and-fitness review, plus two forty-five-minute sessions to establish goals and a baseline workout to further customize your program design—and, as needed, they collaborate with nutritionists, physical therapists and chiropractic and orthopedic practitioners to create a coordinated client-care plan for you.

Owner of MPR Fitness, Tony Molina

New Year’s Resolutions, love them or hate them, aren’t going anywhere, because they seem to be as old as time. And even if you say you’re not going to set any resolutions or intentions, most likely, you’re thinking about a change you’d like to make—lose five pounds, run a faster mile, lift more weight. We weren’t sure what a professional trainer would think about the tradition of setting new goals at the start of the year. Turns out, Molina is a fan. Here, he tells you why.

“New Year’s Resolutions are a great tradition, anything that encourages people to start the journey to being an even better version of themselves has to be a winner. The first step toward making a change is always the hardest, so I love that at New Year’s, people can feel the support and excitement from everyone around them embarking on change too. Tap into that support around you and let people help you succeed while you get the chance to help them as well. New Year’s is a reflective time when we all stop to consider our past and look forward to how we can improve our future. It’s not important if past resolutions have failed; you can learn from them to achieve a better outcome on the next one. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the most common New Year’s resolutions relate to your health: losing weight, doing more exercise and quitting smoking. Whether physical or psychological, the top resolutions connect back to being a healthier you.”
—Tony Molina

Tony’s Tips for Top Results

“If you don’t work out at all, plan for two days a week to start; set yourself up for success. You can always add more days into your schedule. It’s more important to just get started.”

“Look back at your last resolutions and figure out what obstacles threw you off track so you can plan a solution for that problem in advance. Also, make sure you have carved out specific spots for exercise that will actually work with your schedule and book that time into your calendar so you can make it a real achievable habit.”

“You’ll find that many people you know are looking to make a new habit a part of their life too—support one another. Whether it’s through a weekly phone call or a workout buddy, talking about it with others and sharing the journey works.”

“Change requires you to spend time and energy to make it happen. If you go into it with that expectation, you will have a much better chance of making it stick. Change gets easier as you go and the intrinsic rewards of making the effort alone are worth starting the journey.”


Molina’s new Westport business, MPR Fitness, can help you train at home, by live streaming classes at home (or office/corporate gym) or having a personal trainer come to your home to work with you one-on-one. If you’re going to do the work, and set transformational goals for the new year, you might even consider going the extra mile by hiring MPR to help design your custom home gym. They’ll even work with an architect and interior designer to make sure that your space is outfitted with the right equipment, lighting, flooring, sound, the all-important mirror, and everything you need to get moving. For more info on how to get started, prices and other inquiries, visit tonyamolinampr.fitness and check out the MPR Youtube channel for a variety of full-body workouts you can do at home.

“The perfect home gym is personal, and the ultimate luxury, but there are a few things everyone should have that will help in making today’s home gym work out,” says Molina. “When we design a custom home gym, we consider the fitness goals, habits, hobbies and histories of our clients to create a customized experience that will both support and motivate you to success. Today’s home gym should be your personal boutique fitness center where lighting, interior design, equipment and audio/visual components combine to create the most inviting space to encourage you to work out regularly and supplement your activities outside of the gym. Incorporating the wide variety of fitness content online into your home gym gives you the added inspiration and motivation to get in that workout and make it count. Whether it’s converting an existing room or building a new personal studio, engaging a professional gym designer who can collaborate when needed with an architect, interior designer and audio/visual technician, you can create a space that you will look forward to working out in. Consistency is the key to working out, so a home gym that supports and improves your experience counts.”
—Tony Molina

A Pro’s Must-Haves for Your Home Gym

“The room or space should be easy to access and inviting.”

“Natural lighting if possible; a well-lit blue hue in the 200–300 lux range is recommended; and avoid fluorescent lighting.”

“Workout floor mat, the size and type depend on the room, but minimum individual size is 23″ x 48″ x .5″”

“Set of dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, Olympic rings or suspension training system, such as TRX.”

“Your equipment should be accessible and not be an obstacle to your movement.”

“WiFi/Bluetooth-enabled speakers and WiFi television.”

“Motivational wall art or quote.”

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