Sneaker Influencer Marissa Hill Shares this Season’s Shoe Trends

From the office to even a wedding, sneakers are appropriate everywhere these days. Looking for the freshest shoes for you and your family this season, we turned to sneaker influencer Marissa Hill. She is an executive producer at Shade Studios and host at ShadeTV, the largest female-led channel on sneakers, fashion and hype culture (our constant search for the next big thing). Marissa is a former NCAA volleyball player, actress and broadcast host. She is featured in the ABC News Studios docuseries Grails, focused on the rise of hype-sneaker culture in golf. Here, she offers insights into upcoming trends.

left: Marissa shows how a fresh pair of Jordan high tops can take you from home to the office. right: Both sporty and chic, Adidas lifestyle sneakers are all over the streets of fashion capitals like Paris, London and Milan. – Photographs: Shade Studios


GM: What are we going to see in sneakers for women, men, teens and kids?
MH: On the lifestyle side, we’re seeing a return to more classic, slim silhouettes that started earlier last year. Silhouettes such as the Adidas Samba and Gazelle continue to be popular choices, more so than the chunky “dad” shoe trend we saw over the past four or five years. There’s also a resurgence of 2000-era runners, ushered in by New Balance’s popularity over the past few years. Nike is catching up by bringing back runners such as the Vomero and Pegasus 2K5. And newer brands like HOKA, On and Salomon have carved out their own runner-focused niches. For kids, the trend is still Crocs, and the classic choice remains Vans Old-Skool and Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

GM: What are some brands that may be new to our readers that you think will take off this year? And what about the tried-and-true brands that are making a comeback to be the new “it” sneaker?
MH: New Balance is as popular as ever, although they’ve produced a little too many 550s—a sneaker so popular they had to reclassify it into the lifestyle category from basketball. ASICS is the one to watch and is in the middle of a brand renaissance. Watching its comeback on the retro-runner trend with the GEL-NYC, Gel-Kayano 14, GT-2160 and GEL-1130 has been fun. They have essentially replicated New Balance’s playbook from 2019 to 2023 with smart collaborations and differentiated storytelling [a narrative around the shoe] that’s setting them apart.

GM: What are some of the best places to shop for sneakers?
MH: For readily available sneakers that aren’t as “hyped,” I like stores like Nordstrom, Packer and Dover Street Market. Their collections tend to skew toward more stylish and boutique brands. For “high heat” [hyped-up and hard to obtain] pairs, retailers like KITH, Concepts and Extra Butter are good options with well-run raffles. KITH even has a loyalty program.

GM: Can you explain a little about which online sites are legitimate and why some sizes are different prices.
MH: The e-commerce sites of the ones I mentioned above are legit. For pairs that are sold out, however, two common names you’ll hear are StockX and GOAT. These online marketplaces have been around for a long time and are generally trusted by most of the sneaker community. Flight Club and Stadium Goods are also decent options.

Secondary sneaker prices can be their own topic entirely. Certain silhouettes will fetch different prices at different sizes. It’s simply a matter of supply and demand. For example, many New Balance pairs are more expensive in larger sizes, and basketball-specific sneakers sometimes cost more the larger the size. For some lifestyle pairs that are more popular with women [Samba or Gazelle], smaller sizes sometimes demand higher prices. The more limited the quantity, the higher these resale prices are.

left: Marissa showing off her new line of Shade Socks by APTHCRY – Photograph: Tia Gochediak
right: Socks are an essential, stylish and differentiating element to the sneaker aesthetic. – Photographs: Shade Studios


GM: Any great tips to keep sneakers clean or products you recommend?
MH: There are a plethora of sneaker cleaning solutions out there, but what we’ve found is that the technique matters more than the product. We have an in-house sneaker restoration specialist who’s skilled in cleaning and restoring all different types of wear for any brand. His Instagram is @snkrdoctor.

GM: Any sneaker storage recommendations?
MH: Unless you’re willing to store them like fine wine in a temperature controlled environment, the best thing you can do is keep them away from sunlight and ultra-moist environments. I hang mine behind a door. They aren’t exposed to sun; they accumulate some dust, but that’s normal. I would focus more on cleaning them after every wear to maximize longevity.

GM: Should we store sneakers in original boxes?
MH: Boxes are very important for sneakerheads. I like to keep mine, as some boxes tell a story and it’s easy for me to sort out which sneaker is which from a distance. But it’s not a requirement. Do what works for you.


GM: From no-show to hip, trendy socks, what are the latest sock trends?
MH: Slouchy socks are making a comeback as well as many retro styles. I recently dropped a collaboration with APTHCRY, a company started by a fellow sneaker YouTuber. It makes a quality sock at a price that won’t break the bank. I think there will always be room for no show socks and crew socks, but on the fashion side things change faster.

Marissa’s sock collection is available at under the Shade Section. Follow her for the inside track on hype sneakers, styling and streetwear at and on Instagram at @marissaehill.

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