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Stefanie Horn knows what it’s like to have your hands full. A mother to a precocious toddler son and infant daughter, she knows that it’s not always easy to do all the things she wants to do. Even seemingly quick tasks, like Googling “best organic baby food,” somehow eat up a substantial amount of valuable time. Inspired to “give moms the gift of time,” she founded Stamford Moms, a website and social media group that appeals to busy, on-the-go moms in the city. It’s a place to browse the latest products, discuss topics in a community forum and connect with other moms and, yes, dads, navigating through the all-consuming and wonderful world of parenting. Stamford magazine talked to this “mompreneur” about how she got her start, frequently asked questions and in-the-know summer 2020 tips.

Stephanie Horn is on the go, helping moms across Stamford

How did you start Stamford Moms?
“Stamford Moms is part of The Local Moms Network, which started in Greenwich in 2016. When they were looking to start a Stamford site, a friend put me in touch. It ended up being perfect timing because I worked in TV at the time and two weeks after deciding to start Stamford Moms, I found out the show I worked on was ending. It’s been so much fun combining some of the skills I learned as a television producer with my knowledge of Stamford and my daily life as a mom of two young children.”

What’s it like raising a family in Stamford?
“I love Stamford because there’s a little something for everyone. You can be at the beach, shopping downtown or hiking in the woods all in a matter of twenty minutes or less. Plus, we have a wealth of resources at our fingertips to help parents raise healthy, smart, happy children.”

What questions do parents often ask you?
“I get a lot of questions from parents with new babies, and from parents who are just moving to Stamford trying to navigate the area. Many ask what neighborhoods are family-friendly or for information about schools and daycares and the big one: What’s there to do this weekend or during a school break? I love getting questions because it allows me to see what my followers are interested in, and I keep their questions in mind when creating content. I want everything I post to answer at least one person’s question about parenting in Stamford.”

What three things should every Stamford mom have?
“First is the Stamford Moms 2020 Summer Camp Guide. It’s a list of camps in Stamford for toddlers through high school age, all in one place. This way, parents don’t have to go crazy Googling. Summer in Stamford is the best. There are farmers’ markets, outdoor movies, concerts and more. So, we will be posting guides to all of those fun activities as schedules become available. The calendar on is constantly being updated with activities and events in our area that will keep children and teens entertained during the summer. I’d say the third thing to have at your disposal as a mom is a plan for an activity you’ll enjoy and that will give you a little break. Whether it’s heading to your favorite nail salon, going to the beach alone for a few hours or finding a restaurant with great margaritas, remember that summer is a time for the whole family to relax and have fun—you’re included in that. So, mark days and times now when you will take a little time for yourself and stick to that plan, just as you would stick with plans you make for your children.”

What inspires you?
“What inspires me are the questions I’ve had as a parent. What activities are available for a specific age group? How do I figure out what daycare is right for us? Where is the nearest urgent care? The Local Moms Network was designed to give moms the gift of time, so I want to do the research and answer questions like those for other parents. Also, as a Stamford native my love for this city really inspires me. I’ve enjoyed seeing how much Stamford has changed over the years and I love highlighting the exciting events, businesses and opportunities available. I’ve had a chance to work with some amazing businesses and being able to help connect them to the community is a lot of fun.”

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