Romancing The Stone

Guys can’t go wrong with something sparkling on Valentine’s Day. But not just any something will do. Who better to advise on all things bling than Roberto Chiappelloni, owner of Manfredi and top local jeweler for nearly three decades. “We see some of the rarest and most precious jewels come across our counter,” says Roberto, who still loves his job after twenty-seven years. “Every day is a surprise.” He notes that more-wearable jewelry—a statement necklace that you can pair with jeans as well as an evening gown, for instance—is the trend. Colored stones are also popular. Which pieces to pick? “Earrings are probably the surest bet,” he says. “Husbands and boyfriends always seem to hit a home run with them.” To help your wallet take less of a hit in the process, Manfredi holds its annual sale the first two weeks of February with many pieces discounted. These are a few of Roberto’s picks and who might love them.

Young At Heart

Wristfuls of understated glam, Zoccai string bracelets feature precious and semi-precious stones with diamond and ruby accents. A cool accent she can wear every day.

Classic Romantics

“Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend,” says Roberto. Timeless choices such as Chopard’s diamond-and-ruby circle pendant or diamond hoop earrings will dazzle any woman but especially Audrey Hepburn devotees.

Chic Moms On-The-Go

Brumani teardrop earrings with champagne citrine or amethyst will rock her world. The gorgeous, wearable beauties come in different sizes and options; they’re simultaneously stylish

and classic.

Modern Fashion

For girls who love options, Mattioli diamond hoops are sold with three puzzle charms, made of colorful mother of pearl, that can be swapped to change the look of the earrings. They’ll match anything in her closet.


Estate pieces appeal to

women who already own significant jewelry and now covet something with a history to it. Manfredi’s clients have been collecting for generations, so the store is home to amazing, one-of-a-kind gems.

Manfredi Jewels

121 Greenwich Avenue, 203-622-1414

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