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The end of October means one very important thing, the beginning of the holiday madness. Starting on October 31st with Halloween, and continuing until New Years Day the upcoming months mark a a period of family, feasts and festivities. Before you start drafting your Thanksgiving menu or Christmas shopping list, make sure you stop and treat yourself. As a dermatologist for many years, I’ve had clients come in with skin problems from the stress of the holidays. In multiple cases they had remembered to buy a new dress for the occasion, and had spent time getting their hair and make up done, but had forgetten the most important aspect of looking and feeling good for a celebration- their skin!

While sleep and a nutritious diet are important factors for clear skin, my favorite secret weapon that easily provides the WOW factor for the pre-holiday season is Laser Complete treatment. A method to rejuvenate your skin, Laser Complete combines three revolutionary technologies to treat the most common signs of premature aging. Patients are able to improve two common and bothersome skin issues, uneven pigmentation and dull surface texture, in just one session.

Despite sunscreen use, a summer of sun can leave skin with brown patches and a coarse surface. Age, genetics and years of exposure to the elements can also cause unsightly veins, redness, fine wrinkling, coarse skin texture and enlarged pores. Laser Complete combines special light and pixel procedures to miraculously upgrade the clarity and luminosity of your skin. By restoring pigmentation, you'll be ready to take on the holiday parties with brighter, fresher and smoother skin!

If you're looking to achieve these results without sitting down in a doctor's chair, physician strength anti-aging products also create impressive results. After receiving countless questions on which products to use, I constructed my very own Be Radiant home product line.

In this package the four vital lotions to apply for any anti-aging regimen are:

Antioxidant blend containing resveratrol
Retinol 10-15 cream, or 7.5 pads

SPF 30 sunscreen

Studies show that if you like your sunscreen, you will use it regularly. Choose a sunscreen that has “value added features” such as tint and moisturizer. Tinted chemical-free sunscreen not only avoids the chalkiness associated with other sunscreens but can also provide the elegant patina of a light make-up.

My advice for non-summer months in Connecticut is to choose a chemical-free sunscreen with an elegant consistency that you will enjoy applying on a daily basis!

Julia Sabetta, MDJulia Sabetta. MD is the board certified Skin, Laser, Cosmetic, and Skin Cancer Surgeon. Dr. Sabetta was educated at Yale in Dermatology and at University of Pittsburgh in Dermatologic, Laser, Cosmetic, and Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer. Dr. Sabetta specializes in minimally-invasive long lasting skin improvement techniques including FRACTIONAL LASER RESURFACING COMBO for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, and in ULTHERAPY for non-invasive jowl lifting and neckline sculpting. Understanding the specific needs of each individual, Dr. Sabetta is passionate about giving each patient radiant, natural results balanced with safety and minimal downtime.

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