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In a crisis, look to the people doing good work. Today, take a look at Stamford Tent & Event Services. The business is providing temporary tents and structures to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an overwhelming crisis like this, they looked not inward, about how to help themselves, but outward, to see what the community needed. As temporary locations for testing and food distribution increases, Stamford Tent & Event Services has contributed to the preparations—they stepped in. They reported today (3/24/20) that they are in constant contact with state and local government agencies about how to help the most.

“We have been happy to, and will continue to, supply our inventory to ensure that everyone in affected areas can get the treatment needed on a daily, weekly, and even a monthly basis in this uncertain time,” noted the local business.

“With two locations [in Connecticut and Long Island], we are able to respond quickly to the needs of the communities throughout the tri-state area,” noted Steve Frost, president. “We are repurposing tents that would typically be used for weddings, commencements and other social events to emergency testing sites and food distribution centers for schools and first responders.”

This is not new for the business. They report that since 1953, they have contributed their resources, including tents and temporary structures, during crises. “As agencies continue their preparation and planning, we are open and available to be part of that process,” they note.

Their staff of trained professionals are helping to get the tents and structures up and functional as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Calling on decades of experiences helping their clients in any event, no matter how complex, this contribution is a value to the entire community and beyond. From event “peace of mind,” to now town-wide peace of mind, their generosity helps residents and healthcare workers alike. Area residents know the business for its high-quality service and products and personalized care for any event; now they will be lauded for their incredible generosity. This spirit of giving, with the larger picture in mind, is as practical as it is inspirational. See more at or call (203) 324-6222.

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