athome with…

above: Corrie Jackson (left) and Jennifer Bakker (right)


One more item to add to your spring-cleaning checklist: a call to Corrie Jackson and Jennifer Bakker of Maison Haven. The decluttering duo promises to bring style to your home organizing plan, whipping your pantry, mudroom, and closets into photo-ready spaces. We checked in with the UK transplants to talk cleaning house, Connecticut living, and tips for a seasonal refresh.

top left: Leather baskets from Rejuvenation bottom left: Jackson’s favorite Vitruvi diffuser right: Binney Park’s movie set scenery

The one thing that always makes me feel at home is…

Corrie Jackson: my Vitruvi oil diffuser. I love the Boost blend for mornings and lavender at night.
Jennifer Bakker: my teapot and a cuddle with my Cavapoo.

I love living here because…
CJ: the seasons are so Hollywood: white winters, technicolor springs, steamy summers and gorgeous falls. I’m from the UK, where most seasons are gray and mild, so I never take this for granted.
JB: Corrie nailed it!

My favorite design-friendly organizing tools are…
CJ: leather weave baskets from Rejuvenation. They elevate any space.
JB: Yamasaki open weave baskets. I’m yet to find a pantry they don’t transform.

The spots in our own homes we struggle to keep clutter-free are…
CJ: my entryway. Everything is organized and labeled, but my kids are terrible at putting their stuff away. It would be easier if my family moved out!
JB: my basement. It tends to become a dumping ground that requires monthly attention.

Yamasaki open weave baskets keep pantry items in view.

My latest local obsession is…
CJ: brunch at Terrain (followed by a stroll around the store).
JB: Raphael’s—the best thing that’s happened to Greenwich of late.

I can’t live without…
CJ: my morning coffee and my evening bath.
JB: a daily walk in nature. Oh, and ginger kombucha!

My best advice for someone ready to dive into spring cleaning is…
CJ: Start with the zone that makes you want to scream the most. Once you’ve conquered that, you can conquer the world. Or hire Maison Haven!
JB: Don’t let the task overwhelm you. Break anything down into small 30-minute wins.

Baked goods from Raphael’s in Greenwich

Portrait by Julia d’Agostino; Binney Park and pastries by Garvin Burke; all other images courtesy of designers/brands


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