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Some “guests” in the home are uninvited—like pests and unwanted critters. Jim McHale, president of JP McHale Pest Management hopes to be otherwise. “We want to become their trusted advisor and act like invited guests in their home or business,” McHale says of his clients. “Every day we encounter a frustrated person experiencing a chronic pest problem. In many instances, the pest was misdiagnosed by another provider and the treatment strategy fell short. Costs have spiked and clients are upset. Our professionalism delivers peace of mind.” With a laser-focus on empathy and efficiency—since pest problems skyrocket the blood pressure of home and business owners—it’s no surprise that this family business has been at the top of the industry for 35 years. We chatted with Jim on just how he delivers pest control with a side of peace of mind.

What is your approach to pest control?
Our approach is targeted, precise and expedited. When clients or prospects connect with us they want fast, effective service, at a reasonable investment, delivered in an environmentally sound manner. Every assignment is evaluated and customized to insure price equals value. All our clients are unique in their expectations.

How does your scientific background inform your business?
My brothers and I are all degreed scientists in our respective fields. This scientific platform enables us to bundle services—across Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection regulatory categories—that other service providers cannot deliver. It also elevates our level of professionalism and differentiates us in our service footprint. Having a background in entomology, plant pathology and environmental sciences means we can accurately identify a pest-related infestation and design an effective, environmentally sound mitigation strategy while simultaneously minimizing costs.

What kind of experience would you like your clients to have?
Taxi companies deliver a service. Uber is an experience. We are always working to elevate the client experience. With a diverse team of people, from all walks of life, it is important to seek a common goal. We are constantly asking ourselves, “What is the client hiring us to do? Is what we are designing elevating this client’s overall experience?” Looking at things through this prism keeps everyone focused on what is important.

What kind of communication do you offer your clients?
In a commoditized marketplace, like pest control, you need to innovate around the purchase and delivery. Make it easy to buy and simple to obtain a quick appointment. Our scientific background enables us to eliminate pest problems efficiently, so no need to innovate that component. It is easy to do business with us. We offer several ways to connect: Telephone, email, live chat, and mobile app. All forms of payment are accepted. If you are unsatisfied and request a refund it is honored immediately. Complimentary re-treatments within the warranty period are delivered upon request. In the end we want to be like a referee, in the background delivering peace of mind or protecting your brand and reputation, while you conduct your business or enjoy your life.

Besides pest control, what work do you do to support the local community?
JP McHale Pest Management is very active in our community. Charitable outings are conducted for our local food pantry. Little leagues, charitable golf events, schools in need, community events, local first responder causes are all benefactors of our giving.

JP McHale Pest Management, Inc.


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