Check Body Mind Celebrates Two Years Of Self Care Success in Darien

Wellness expert Amber Kemp believes in sharing her secrets for a better life. With a “health is wealth” mentality, she helps clients pursue a “long, healthy and happy lifestyle” at her Darien-based longevity center, CHECK Body-Mind.

Since opening in March 2022, Kemp’s business has grown—as has overall awareness of self-care and well-being. “Mental health has become of great importance, especially after the pandemic,” says Kemp. “It is selfless to invest in things that will give you more energy and help maintain a healthy state of mind.”

LED light therapy is one of the most requested services at CHECK Body-Mind

According to Kesti Aysseh, executive director of the Darien Chamber of Commerce, “The wellness space has exploded” in town and beyond. “CHECK Body-Mind is a great addition to Darien and winner of our New Business Award last year.” She adds that she particularly loves the welcoming staff and atmosphere at the Post Road location.

Using alternative and holistic health methods, Kemp and her team focus on everything from athletic recovery to body-mind wellness. “We offer services with a comprehensive list of benefits,” she says, “including cellular rejuvenation, inflammation relief, muscle recovery, anti-aging, reduction in symptoms caused by auto-immune disorders, and much more.”

The two most requested treatments are LED light therapy and vitamin IV drips. Other popular services include cryotherapy, Reiki energy healing, massage therapy, facials, nutrition coaching and cryo body-slimming and toning. There’s even a meditation device, said to restore the body’s energy balance, boost the immune system and relieve stress.

“Our Tachyon meditation chamber entails an advanced quantum meditation and was the 11th professional chamber in the United States,” explains Kemp. “I am humbled and grateful to see many incredible transformations in the Tachyon chamber. These moments are what keep my passion fueled.”

Kemp, who faced health problems growing up, sought out holistic methods as a teenager and took up yoga. Inspired by the discipline, she traveled to Nepal in 2014 for authentic yoga training and became certified as an instructor. Shortly thereafter, she added Reiki practitioner and massage therapist to her wellness résumé.

“Preventative wellness became my lifestyle after struggling with various health issues as a child,” says Kemp. “My own healing experience, combined with an inner calling to help others, pulled me forward in every next step.”

Also certified as a mindfulness coach, clinical hypnotherapist and life coach, Kemp’s expertise and her eagerness to help people motivated her to launch the business. “My passion for wellness progressed into a desire for a community-based center that provides highly efficient and effective treatments in a space that feels like a serene oasis,” she explains.

Clients can choose from three different membership options featuring monthly services, loyalty rewards and special pricing on premium treatments. Alternatively, guests are encouraged to come for a tour and can make appointments without being a member.

To kick off 2024 and celebrate the center’s two-year anniversary, Kemp will offer new client specials, introductory offers and wellness packages with Cryoskin™ body slimming and toning, cryofacials and more. Promotions are planned from January through March, and the most up-to-date specials will be announced on Instagram @checkbodymind as well as on their website (

More surprises are in the works, but Kemp is keeping them secret for now. “We are bringing in two highly requested treatments,” she says. “I’ll give you a hint—an infrared sauna is one of them.”

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