Cheer & Cheers


It’s been fifteen years since I became the editor of GREENWICH magazine. That’s nearly 200 issues. While that number astounds me, it’s nothing in comparison to the seventy-five years that we celebrate this month.

I am just one name on a list of immensely talented people who have stewarded this magazine through changing times to bring you what you hold in your hands today.

The most notable name on that list is a person who has been a mentor, a confidant and, most important, a friend to me—Donna Moffly. Taking the reins from Donna was terrifying, to say the least. I remember Jack Moffly saying: “It’s a good thing you’re tall, because you have some pretty big shoes to fill.” Yeah, no pressure.

I know I speak for everyone here when I say that producing GREENWICH month after month is as big a responsibility as it is an honor. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive magazine that focuses on every aspect of life here. Whether that’s taking in-depth looks at tough-to-talk-about issues, introducing you to notable business and entertainment personalities, celebrating the lighter side of life or offering insider advice, our goal is to reflect the town that we call home.

And so, in this, our anniversary issue, it seems appropriate to recap the characters, happenings, scandals and issues that have impacted our town over the past seventy-five years. And who better for the job than Donna? In “Only in Greenwich” (page 78) she delves into the archives and with her characteristic wit presents seventy-five of the most memorable people and events to appear in these pages.

Right by her side was Venera Alexandrova, our enormously creative art director. Venera spent hours going through boxes of files, hunting down historic photos, piecing together the story—one event at a time. Together they have produced a wonderfully entertaining time capsule.

Throughout the issue you’ll see other nods to our anniversary. Our style editor Janel Alexander, highlights chic retro fashions that have made their way back into our closets (“Retro Fusion,” page 28). And Eileen Bartels (otherwise known as G-Mom) gives us fun and unique ways to mark milestone anniversaries (“Gifts as Unique as You Are,” page 56). Ask Eileen for an idea on anything from where to get one-of-a-kind wrapping paper to how to bond with your little ones and you won’t get one idea, you’ll get twenty. She is our own personal 411 lady, and I knew she was also the perfect writer to help us ring in the holiday season with some truly out-of-the-box advice (“Merry & Bright,” page 112).

This issue was a labor of love, albeit occasionally a little more labor than love, and we’re thrilled to share it. Join us as we raise our proverbial glasses to celebrate the season, our anniversary and, of course, you—the people who bring these pages to life.

See you in 2023!