Perfectly Pierced: Earscaping Ideas from Local Jewelers

above left: 79 Layers, Devon Woodhill and JL Rocks/Angular Hoop, Classic Chain Earring and Mini Huggie with Evil eye charm; middle: First and second hole are 14k gold and blue topaz stones for $495/Pair. The third hole is solid yellow gold with colored gemstones and pave diamonds for $640/single. The fourth and fifth hole are 14k yellow gold bubble post earrings with prong-set diamonds and gemstones for $450/pair. The sixth and seventh hole are the gold baby heart stud earring for $350/pair; right: Stoned Jewelry Concierge 14k Yellow Gold Small Chubby Hoops, $485 and “SUPERFINE” Diamond Infinity Hoops, $3500Photographs: (left) by Heather Desmond; (Middle) by Haley Jordon; (right) by Julia D’Agostino Pierce

EARSCAPE® [ir-skāp] noun, verb: The art and science of personalized ear piercings and earring stacking, resulting in a form of unique self-expression as coined by experiential retail & e-commerce brand STUDS.

From ready-to-wear and accessories, each season trends emerge from designers moving the needle in fashion. For spring 2024, undeniably the flip-flop made a surprising comeback on the runways and oversized ’90’s suiting reigned supreme from Milan to Paris. But what we most truly admire in others is their own personal street style, how they interpret and translate the trends.

One of most personal ways to achieve that is through jewelry: to accumulate, amass and assemble a collection over time. For a period, it was oversized watches and endless bracelets: aka, the “wrist party,” coined by Leandra Medine. Then came piling on more and more necklaces, it never seemed to be enough, aka, the neck mess. But it’s always about what is new and next. A thoughtfully curated ear with proper piercings and stacked earrings, aka, earscaping, is what’s most asked for now. Here, we have local jewelers weigh in on what they’re seeing, and of course offering, from piercing parties to private concierge appointments at home to curate the perfect earscape.

Jamie Camche

Jamie Camche, Founder

What We Do
“Styling the ear has become as natural as stacking the wrist. Our clients range from 10 and up requesting 14K studs, huggies, climbers, chains, charms, threaders and cuffs matched and mismatched in each ear in various gold colors and with or without diamonds depending on the layout of the piercings.”

Diamond Ear Cuffs, Bar Stud with diamonds, and Dot and Dash Hoop, all available at JL Rocks

This Season’s Statement Piece
“Our Double Huggies set the tone for the rest of the ear as this seasons centerpiece. On the average, most of the clients have two to three piercings per ear.“

JL Rocks
292 Post Rd E #2, Westport, CT
(203) 454-4541

10MM diamond huggies in  14-karat rose, white and yellow gold
Baguette Stud and Tamdem Link Earrings, all available at JL Rocks

Haley Kraut

Haley Kraut, Founder

What We Do:
“We take pride in offering a diverse range of earrings from various designers, ensuring our clients have a plethora of options to express their unique style. This helps showcase their individuality and personality.”

Anchoring this all diamond look is a 14-karat gold single diamond mini spike hoop for $1550/pair, second hole is the diamond bezel mini huggie for $298/single, then the prong set diamond baguette huggie for $648/Single, fourth hole is the diamond trio stud for $398/single, fifth and final is the mini diamond flower stud for $645/Pair.

How We Work
“Mixing various textures, settings, and styles, is the key to achieving an eye-catching and individualized ear. Combining studs, huggies, climbers, and ear cuffs allows us to mix and match earrings seamlessly. Multiple piercings provide a canvas for creativity, allowing us to blend different earring styles for a distinctive and personalized appearance.”

First hole is the Medium Double Sided Oval Sapphire and Diamond Hoop Earrings for $895/single. The second hole is the Double Prong Set Diamond Earring for $525/single. Then, the Mini Diamond Flower Stud for $322/single. Fourth hole is a Diamond Ear Cuff for $375.

This Season’s Statement Piece
“Elevate your style with our latest addition: Huggie Charms. These delightful charms provide a fresh and innovative approach to combining various pieces you may already have, allowing you to reinvent your look effortlessly. Whether you have a penchant for classic elegance, bohemian vibes, or bold statements, these charms seamlessly integrate into your existing earrings for a fresh and personalized look.”

From celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow to the chic set around town, every ear tells a unique story. As Haley Kraut of Monarch Market says, “Earrings are designed to help individuals narrate their own style journey. Here’s to embracing the art of mixing and matching!”

Monarch Market
236 Sound Beach Avenue
Old Greenwich, CT
(203) 344-9533
30 Post Rd. E
Westport, CT  06880
(203) 349-5167

Sandra Rose and Michelle Pollack

Sandra Rose, Co-Founder
Michelle Pollack, Co-Founder

What We Do
“We always loved the look of multiple piercings but found it difficult to achieve ourselves. We wanted new piercings, but with an earring we actually liked — not some placeholder. So with safety at the forefront we linked up with a reputable, and insured, piercer and started hosting our own piercing parties. Whether for large groups at popups around town or for intimate gatherings in clients’ homes, we bring our surgically sterilized collection of 14-karat gold and diamond studs and offer complimentary piercings with a purchase.”

Assorted studs starting from $250. These and more available at

This Season’s Statement Piece:
“Over the last four years or so we’ve seen a big shift of focus to the ear. It’s come alongside the new ’90s aesthetic that’s in fashion right now, but with a bit more of a feminine bent to it. Since we started hosting our piercing events we’ve done over 100 piercings on people aged eleven to sixty. It’s always so much fun and clients leave with a huge smile on their face. It’s addicting too: people often start with just one second hole the next thing you know, they gave six piercings in one ear.”

Assorted Huggies and Charms starting from $195 each. Available at

How We Work
“We approach earscaping in a couple different ways — some clients will shop quarterly for a complete refresh. We take out all their earrings and start from scratch; these are usually people who already have a good number of piercings, usually some that they did with us, but it’s always fun because we spread out in our office and get to play. The ear becomes a blank canvas and we can curate something totally new and fun incorporating new pieces that we’ve brought into the collection.”

“Others look for just a quick refresh, a new piece to swap in for a little change. Sometimes that means bringing in some color when the seasons change or being more daring and adding in a chain to up the coolness factor. It’s great to see the transformation, somehow even just one new earring can give you a little more pep in your step.”

STONED Jewelry Concierge

Photographs: JL Rocks by Heather Desmond; Monarch Market by Haley Jordon; Stoned Jewelry Concierge by Coley Stevens and contributed;

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