Fit for Life

Manifest is one of those words buzzing around in our modern-day lexicon. We manifest good relationships, good careers, answers to life’s big questions, you name it. Oftentimes, the things we manifest stem from the core values for which we stand. Passion, charity, boldness—these ideals are best exemplified by Stamford athletes Alex Joseph, Desmond K. Hinds and Ross Bertrand. This past June, these lifelong best friends opened XenHouse, a new fitness space in Harbor Point, and it isn’t your average gym.

Using their collective knowledge and experience in the professional sports world, Alex, Desmond and Ross cater to those looking to level up not only their bodies, but also their overall well-being. The business name comes from the Greek word xenodochial, which means “to be friendly strangers”—which is all-around what they do. XenHouse trainers help anyone with an interest in general fitness, both in person and virtually, as well as sports-specified training tailored to unique sports needs, special-needs training for those with limitations and wanting to push the boundaries of what is possible, and recovery sessions for those dealing with injuries, aches and pains.

According to one of its founders, Alex Joseph, the goal is simple: “XenHouse offers unique training that feeds one’s mind, body and soul. We prepare those willing to work for change to hold a high standard. Fitness is a pivotal part of our lives at XenHouse; we physically challenge you while building your mental/emotional focus through tough exercises.”

Ready to make a change, head to toe? Your coach is waiting. Bookings and other inquiries can be made on the XenHouse website at, and updates and special offers are posted to Instagram @xenhouse_.

During the early transformation of the XenHouse facility; the new facility opened and stocked with workout gear


Alex Joseph on how training with XenHouse can benefit physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

XenHouse challenges your strength and conditioning through vigorous training geared toward transforming your body.


We push you to a level you didn’t think you had. Adding mentally draining exercises here at XenHouse, we aim to build your mental toughness daily by adding that emphasis to each work out.


We aim to uplift those that need uplifting. Training that becomes therapeutic is the goal in order to change lives. Here at XenHouse our main purpose is to help our clients become the best version of themselves from the inside out!

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