Gaelle Dudley’s New Capsule Paint Collection with Ring’s End

left: Gaelle Dudley comparing favorite coastal materials with the A La Plage paint palette. middle: Founder and Creative Director, GLDESIGN, Gaelle Dudley. right: The GLDESIGN studio in Fairfield. – Photograph: Frances V Isaac Photography

left: Gaelle Dudley with Lead Designer, Mackenzie Pretty, reviewing the palette. right: “Pampas Plumes” paint color from A La Plage

The just-launched A La Plage by GLDESIGN and Ring’s End capsule paint collection reflects the laid-back coastal palette Gaelle Dudley strives to infuse in her clients’ homes. The 14 new Benjamin Moore colors are inspired by Dudley’s penchant for referencing the coastline in her projects. We dove into the colors for you to give you the full spectrum.

“The A La Plage colors embrace endless summer with an array of timeless earth tones, classic whites, sunset hues, and pale, moody blues and greens that create the feeling of being on vacation year-round in your home,” Gaelle says. “The colors of A La Plage are not just the palette of my design, they are the palette of my lifestyle. Summer is more than a season, it’s a state of mind. I believe in a light, easy-breezy approach to living that reminds us of being on vacation from the comfort of our own home.”

A La Plage with Gaelle is the brainchild of Gaelle Dudley and Scott Herling, VP of Paint Operations at Ring’s End.

left: A neutral coastal palette to inspire A La Plage. right: Gaelle Dudley with VP, Paint Operations Ring’s End, Scott Herling

“When Gaelle mentioned a desire to create a personalized paint line inspired by the coastal palette she lives and works in, it was a no-brainer for us to partner with her,” says Herling. “Our customers love her work; Gaelle is a nationally recognized color expert and Ring’s End services a predominantly coastal New England market. Creating a unique color palette with someone who is so deeply respected and tied to the coastal region was an easy decision for us to make.”

Customers can choose from a variety of shades with personal meaning to Gaelle, including: “Afterglow,” “Basalt,” “Coastline,” “La Mer,” “Low Tide,” “Morning Mist,” “Ocean Bluffs,” “Pampas Plumes,” “Sandy Kisses,” “Sea Glass,” “Seascape,” “Skipping Stone,” “Spindrift,” and “Whitecaps.”

In the spring of 2024, Gaelle will be joined by interior designer friends and fellow industry leaders for conversations about choosing a paint color and tips on seasonal design, home decor, color palettes, and more. The tour will take place at Ring’s End in Norwalk soon.

A La Plage with Gaelle is now available for purchase at Ring’s End locations and online at and They retail for $67.00 – $76.00 per gallon.

left: Despite appearances, Willow, Gaelle’s English Bulldog, approves of the A La Plage colors! right Gaelle Dudley pouring one of her A La Plage favorites

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