Holiday Party Style Guide

Dinners, drinks, and holiday parties are upon us. Changing outfits for every occasion might feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. We met up with Alex Merrell, a New York based beauty who attends events and parties around the world for a living. Staying on-trend and being in the spotlight, Alex travels the world as a highly sought after DJ who works with an international list of clients. From dinners with Vogue one night to mixing music for Dior, Saks, or Louis Vuitton the next. Alex knows how to turn one dress into five different looks.

“Jewelry.” said Merrell. “It’s the most important part of my wardrobe. I love how the right necklace or ring can transform an entire look.” she added. Above: Alex Merrell wears Kavador jewelry, Warrior Ring (Price $7,350, valuation: $12,500), Alok bracelet (Price $13,300, valuation $19,500), Diana Ring (Price $16,950, valuation $28,500), October Earrings (SOLD)

With a global audience following her style and known for her exquisite taste in jewelry, it’s no surprise that Alex was recently named as a Kavador Girl for the newly launched online company, Kavador curates the best in fine jewelry searching the vaults of jewelers across the country to find hidden gems at the best prices.

Jennie Pastor, CEO of Kavador and local Greenwich resident works with Alex to pick her favorites for upcoming events in New York and Los Angeles. “We’re seeing a lot of diamonds, aquamarines, and weighty gold pieces as the essentials of this Holiday season.” Pastor said. “As the temperature drops, more attention is placed on jewelry to brighten up winter coats and scarfs, so rubies have also been very popular recently.” she added.

Holiday Style Favorites: Sitting across the table from someone for several hours at dinner means they’ll notice the details. As Harry Winston famously said “People will stare, make it worth their while.”


Agra Ruby Earrings (Price $665, valuation $1,450)


Kelly Emerald & Diamond Ring (Price $2,525, valuation $6,750)


Welkin Ring (Price $8,000, valuation $12,500)


Celeste Gold & Diamond Bracelet (Price $3,875, valuation $6,800)


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