It Takes a Village

Stamford’s The Village has announced The Village Community Foundation (TVCF): a nonprofit organization that will drive local economic and entrepreneurial opportunity. Jon Winkel, formerly CEO of The Stamford Partnership, will spearhead TVCF. The nonprofit will tap into the network of Wheelhouse—the media, marketing and investment venture founded and run by CEO and The Village Founder Brent Montgomery, in partnership with Jimmy Kimmel. Montgomery and his wife, Wheelhouse Properties CEO and Village Developer, Courtney Montgomery, have cultivated deep relationships with many local nonprofits dedicated to making a difference.

An important part of the mission of The Village is to give back to the community; thus, TVCF will focus on three key Verticals of Impact: Education & Opportunity, Arts, Culture & Community and Economic & Workforce Development.

“The Village is the region’s premier economic and cultural hub, but it’s also so much more. In our ever more virtual and digital world, the need for human connection, and physical space for personal and professional growth, has never been greater or needed more urgently,” says Winkel. “With high-impact programming focused on helping those that need it the most, The Village Community Foundation is well positioned to deliver opportunity to our community and uplifting, transformative experiences.”

How It Works: The Village Community Foundation’s “Verticals of Impact”

  1. Education & Opportunity
    Create access to and opportunity in the media industry for underprivileged and underrepresented individuals via the Wheelhouse infrastructure/ecosystem.
    • Page Program: Entry-level career development program to help individuals learn and grow within the media industry
    • Media & Influencer Program: An initiative that provides opportunity for hands-on experience across numerous skilled jobs including film and TV production, public relations, marketing, influencer relations and digital media
  1. Arts, Culture & Community
    The Village was designed to be a new heart of culture that unites storytellers, entrepreneurs and artisans under one roof.
    • Art at The Village: Build on an already-established arts program to continue to support local artists through artist-in-residence programs, curated exhibitions, pop-ups and large-scale installations
    • Culture & Creation: Continue to establish The Village as a hub for culture and creation through experiential programming for the community, inviting local artisans and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and grow their reach
    • Community Impact: The Village is activated with compelling, inclusive programs in collaboration with other local nonprofits
  1. Economic & Workforce Development
    Build public and private-sector coalitions for transformative economic development projects, with special attention to entrepreneurship, media, and real estate.
    • Coalition and Network Building: Convene and lead partnerships to address key opportunities and challenges facing our region
    • Startup Acceleration: Provide mentorship, coaching, and in-kind services to universities, incubators, and accelerators in alignment with Wheelhouse verticals
    • Community Kitchen: Provide commercial kitchen space and acceleration services to food industry workers and entrepreneurs
    • Community & Career Discovery: Welcome primary and secondary school students to participate in tours, talks, and events in television, film, venture capital, and real estate and other industries represented by The Village’s tenant community (tenants will help make an impact through providing access to their respective sectors including internships and career opportunities)

Photo Caption: Jon Winkel, President of The Village Community Foundation


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