Fairfield Photographer Jane Beiles Offers a Beautiful Way to Get Organized

Photograph: Jane Beiles Photography

Journey through the enchanting landscapes of Virginia’s misty hills, the lively streets of Copenhagen teeming with cyclists and the idyllic corners of New England’s seaside towns. This planner is more than just a scheduling tool; it’s a visual odyssey captured by award-winning photographer and Fairfield resident Jane Beiles.

In 52 Weeks, you’ll find breathtaking interiors, flourishing gardens, artists’ sanctuaries, and awe-inspiring vistas. Each photograph is not just an image but a story, accompanied by Beiles’ whimsical anecdotes, valuable photography tips, and inspirational quotes from an array of voices from Walt Whitman to Maya Angelou. Together, these quotes and images encourage you to explore the world and find beauty in life’s simplest moments—the gentle dawn light, a solitary bird on a branch, or a table adorned with food and wildflowers and surrounded by friends.

Grab a copy at Housewarmings in Old Greenwich or janebeiles.com

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