Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s Enville Come to Pologeorgis Greenwich

above: Chocolate brown curly shearling zip clutch ($400)

As temps drop in the Northeast, it’s easy to slip into a shivering funk. The remedy? Southern California surfer boho-infused outerwear, of course. That sunny image is the inspiration behind Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s sixth season of Enville, which is available just a snowy jaunt away at Pologeorgis on Lewis Street. Think seagrass and “intense Pacific horticulture colors straight off the Santa Ynez Mountains,” says Bensimon, who has a way with words (she was Elle magazine’s first blogger), and a sense of style that is at once chic and cool and cozy.

The celebrated real estate agent and former cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City has been splashed across magazine covers most of her life, as a model (she placed second in the Elite Model Look contest at age fifteen; Cindy Crawford placed first), and illustrating her aspirational life, always dressed in something to die for—but usually comfortable, too. Now’s your chance to pick up our own little piece of KKB flair—and stay warm all winter while you’re at it.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon in the Mailbu shearling cape vest ($2,450) – Portrait: Matt Albiani

Tell us about Enville. Why did you decide to create the line originally?
The collection is reflective of my extensive travels; I mix a lot of what inspires me into these outerwear and home pieces. I created the line, because as a Midwesterner, your coat completes your look. Eventually the collection grew to include home pieces, as I am also passionate about real estate and how to decorate my habitat. The name Enville is based on my fondness for Hemingway. It’s said that it was Ernest Hemingway’s scribbled salutation to his bawdy and raucous cohorts, which in French means ‘in town,’ on the lower left corner of envelopes. It was a signal that they were in Paris. I love the romance of it all!

Why did you partner with Pologeorgis?
I reached out to Nick Pologeorgis, because his brand is synonymous with high-quality fashion and has stood the test of time. Pologeorgis has been a leader in luxury outerwear among the fashion elite for decades and continues to evolve and maintain its clout. I couldn’t have chosen a better partner for this collection. I love working with the entire Pologeorgis team. They are supportive and help guide me throughout the whole process.

Miramar White Shearling Jacket ($2,800) • Flame Senape Shearling Coat ($2,950) • Mailbu White Shearling Cape ($2,450) • Oak Dark Brown Toscana Shearling Jacket ($2,600)

Why Greenwich?
Greenwich is the epitome of casual chic! During the pandemic, Nick opened a retail shop just off Greenwich Avenue at 25 Lewis Street. It’s a great location, and I love stopping in from time to time to meet with customers and see the merchandise. I have a long history and a lot of love for the town from visiting family, spending time with friends, shopping, dining out. It couldn’t be a more perfect location for this collection.

Tell us about the current season.
My sixth season of Enville is inspired by a Southern Californian surfer bohemian. With nods to warm tones like wheat and seagrass, and intense Pacific colors, this season takes a more laid-back approach. This is the jacket that can go anywhere from the Miramar Resort to the Malibu Country Mart. Paired with lace and worn with distressed denim, this season is all about personal style. Comfort is everything.

What are a few of your favorite pieces?
I love working with shearling. All of the pieces are my favorite, but right now I’m excited to wear the Flame, which is a smooth merino shearling notch-collar coat in senape, our take on mustard. Also, I love the Miramar, which is a collarless shearling jacket with leather tabs. I like that the Flame is super glam mixed with a menswear silhouette. And, the Oak is a long hair Toscana shearling jacket that has a 90s supermodel Parisian vibe.

White cashmere and shearling throw pillow ($350) • Beige cashmere and shearling blanket ($1,500)

You have added home décor. What will customers find to make their homes cozier this winter?
Every season I love to buy a few items that nod to the latest fashion trends and that speak to me and my personal style. I created a home line to reflect the same look for my personal home environment. The cashmere shearling throws and pillows come in taupe, gray and white and are the ultimate in cozy luxury.

What makes Enville unique?
Enville resonates with a lot of different women because of the way I style it: the juxtaposition of a gown and a vest, a shearling jacket and a cowboy hat, and a shearling jacket with a tulle long skirt. I have never felt tied to traditional fashion boundaries. I just want women to feel cozy and sexy. I also think the price point is amazing. I want everyone to be able to have a piece of this collection, so we worked on perfecting the superior quality while making true luxury outerwear more affordable.

Enville is exclusively available at Pologeorgis Greenwich, 25 Lewis Street

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