Mercato Facelift

The Mercato, 1876 Bronson Road, which formerly housed two retail shops and a market, will undergo a major renovation in the near future. The current owners are embedded in the community and their vision for the space is to establish an upscale fresh food market that will serve the local community.

A number of prospective tenants are currently being interviewed and are being asked of their intentions and abilities to execute a concept that aligns with the family’s vision and expectations, which are equally as important to the owners, as is the ability for the tenant to be able to pay the rent. One tenant only, in the nearly 4,000 square foot venue, is also primary.

A building permit was to be filed the last week in August, 2014 and construction is scheduled to begin within a few weeks thereafter, with hopes of having the projects creation completed within four to five months.

J.P. Franzen Associates of Southport are the architects who designed the new ‘Greenfield Hill Market’. “The goal here was to make it look much prettier and to do something the towns planning and zoning department would approve,” said Franzen. “The intention is to ideally have a market here, similar to The Pantry, with one tenant, and the plans are ready for the building permit.” Materials used include barn siding, stone and dormers which will be “much more interesting to look at and will have bike racks, it will be very nice.”

A source close to the project indicated, “We’re looking to create a neighborhood market, where kids can ride their bicycles and pick up an ice cream or necessities for their parents. A major investment in the property is being made and as said, the concept is equally as important as the rent.”

For more information email Greenfield Hill Market.



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