Peeling Out

Got two minutes? Go for the glow. Here’s the new beauty secret for busy people: a professional-strength, two-minute, no-downtime glycolic peel. They’re taking place at BeautyRx Peel Bar at Becker Salon in Greenwich. In December, the founder of BeautyRx, Dr. Neal Schultz, a Park Avenue dermatologist, will begin offering his 40 percent glycolic peel at the salon, which located at 380 Greenwich Avenue on the second floor.

The two-minute skin fix—his most-requested service at more than 55,000 and counting—is the same Dr. Schultz performs in his office. The work at the Peel Bar is overseen by the doctor’s trained staff. This specialty beauty service is the latest offering in the evolution of Becker Salon. In the past eight years, the multidimensional beauty destination has added services, which now include a range of hair cuts, color, styling, highlights, extensions and blow outs as well as mani/pedis, waxing, massage, makeup, skin rejuvenation, and cosmetic treatments.


The peel is super simple. Step 1: Your skin is cleansed. Step 2: The peel is applied and begins to dissolve the top layer of dead, uneven skin. Step 3: At two minutes, the peel is neutralized with water. Step 4: Oil-free sunscreen and moisturizer are applied. Step 5: Enjoy the glow! No red or have irritated skin. Monthly peels are recommended.


“My clients have learned that when they embrace glycolic exfoliation, they discover the gorgeous, glowing skin they want. When the idea arose of bringing our in-office peel to Becker Salon in Greenwich, so that it would be available to people outside the four walls of my practice in New York City, I instantly said yes,” says Dr. Schultz.


Stuart Schultz, president of BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz, adds, “Becker Salon is a mainstay in the Greenwich area; we’re very excited about the BeautyRx and Becker partnership.”

“We are excited to have a defining New York brand in our salon,” Nathali Ocampo, co-owner of Becker Salon says. “This is another step toward Becker’s vision of offering women a New York City beauty experience in the convenience of their own town.”

The peel in office runs $225; at the bar, $50.

Peel Bar staff might also recommend products that you can use at home, such as Essential 8% Exfoliating Serum ($65), Daily Exfoliating Body Lotion ($50) and Clarifying Toner ($30).

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