Shoshanna Gruss Gets Us Valentine’s Day Ready

left: The Stella dress: fuchsia sequin and lace mini dress, $470 center: Founder Shoshanna Gruss in the Alice dress right: Elia dress: black and gold lurex clip dot mini dress, $440

Photographs by Milton Arellano

Q&A with Shoshanna Gruss

Samantha Yanks: Shoshanna, your incredible business turned 25 in 2023 tell us a bit about how you started and where the business is now and what is on the horizon for 2024.

Shoshanna Gruss: Thank you! I can’t believe we are 25 years old! It’s older than how old I was when I started the brand! Wild!

I started SHOSHANNA as a niche business to address the body types that were being ignored by the fashion world, and it turned out to be not so niche! My goal was to create beautiful, celebratory dresses that included all body types in the 0-16 range. I still have that core group of loyal customers who tell me that they can only fit into our brand. What’s really wild is that many of my original customers are still wearing it and now buying it for their daughters, too!

left: Beck top: black and gold lurex clip dot top, $350. center: The Beck top: black and gold lurex clip dot top, $350. right: The Thompson dress: multi-colored azalea lace midi dress, $495.

SY: You are synonymous with the dress, how did that come about?

SG: The dress is just the easiest way to look pulled together with the most minimal amount of effort. A great fitting dress can change my whole day with one quick zip!

SY: Tell us a bit about the dresses you picked from your collection for the Valentine’s Day.

SG: The dresses I picked are perfect for Valentine’s Day – they are fun and flirty but can also be sexy for a date night! We also just launched such cute new swim in the perfect patterns for Valentine’s Day so no matter what the temperature, you can definitely wear SHOSHANNA to celebrate!

SY: What are you seeing as the top trends for Valentine’s Day dressing?

SG: We are defintiely still seeing the Barbie Core trend as well as some bling!

left: The Gaia dress: magenta embossed jacquard midi dress, $725. center: The Merlot dress; faux leather and lace strapless midi dress, $440. right: The Everlie dress: magenta lace mini dress, $635.

Westport, Weston & Wilton Magazine’s Three Top Fairfield County Spots to Shop SHOSHANNA in CT:
  • The Fred Shop (both Westport + Old Greenwich)
  • Togs CT (New Canaan)
  • Sail to Sable: The Cabana (Darien)

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