Southern Comfort

Above: Penelope Off the Shoulder top ($110) and Avery Stripe short ($88) with Bi-Color bag ($110)

Did we in Fairfield County think we owned the market on colored polos, seersucker bow ties and pink shifts? Southern Tide, a clothing company from South Carolina, says no and counters, boastfully, with, “Hold my Mint Julep, I got this.”

The clothing company—comprising equal parts comfortable, preppy clothes and accessories, aspirational lifestyle allure and Southern charm—was founded by Polo-perfectionist Allen Stephenson in 2006. Alas, not here, but in Greenville, a small city far inland from the South Carolina coast. Yet, the brand’s blue fish logo and coastal-appropriate/vacation-ready clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children runs to the sea as naturally as rainwater. From “weathered” red hoodies to “salt-faded” blue windbreakers, Southern Tide feels authentically upscale beach-town prep. Stephenson has an eye for high-quality and, luckily for shoppers, gets obsessive about blending classic style with contemporary influences.

A free-standing Southern Tide signature store now calls Westport home. After fifteen years in business, Amy and Marc Cesaratto—owners of Splash of Pink—caught the Southern Tide wave and landed retail space in the Playhouse Square to stock the entire men’s and youth collections, as well as the newly launched women’s line. “We truly feel that Southern Tide will excite Westport and the surrounding communities now and well into the future,” says Amy.

Find it at 275 Post Rd. E., Westport;



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