App-solutely Relaxing: Squeeze Opens in Westport

above: Squeeze founders Alli Webb and Brittany Driscoll.

Powerhouse entrepreneur and Drybar founder Alli Webb, opens her latest massage venture Squeeze, in partnership with Brittany Driscoll, right here in Westport.

Samantha Yanks: Alli, it’s so great to reconnect! Watching the evolution of your career is nothing short of extraordinary. From entrepreneur to investor, creator to CEO. Alli, after the massive success of Drybar, how did the concept of Squeeze arise?

“Similar to how Drybar was born out of personal necessity and a white space in the market the same was true of the massage space.”
– Alli Webb

Alli Webb: Similar to how Drybar was born out of personal necessity and a white space in the market, the same was true of the massage space. My brother and business partner Michael was so frustrated with the massage landscape and wanted to create a better concept with a best-in-class app for seamless booking, tipping and customization. It’s such a game changer in this space.

SY: Brittany, why do you call Squeeze the feel good revolution?

” The Feel-Good Revolution is one of our core values at Squeeze, and is our brand mantra.” – Brittany Driscoll

Brittany Driscoll: The Feel-Good Revolution is one of our core values at Squeeze, and is our brand mantra. It stands for making people feel their best through the power of massage, while also going the extra mile to treat everyone who walks through our doors with kindness, respect and genuine care. I believe every opportunity we have is a chance to impact each other for the better. At Squeeze, we try to live this idea out every single day, in every single interaction.

SY: Alli, when I think of Drybar in the early days when we first met you had such a distinct vision. The poppy yellow, the essential lineup of haircare products and tools and the blow-dry experience were so thoughtful. Same thought process here at Squeeze?

AW: Absolutely! We wanted to bring a fresh and way better massage experience to everyone, but knew it needed to have all the special and unique touchpoints, branding and extreme attention to detail like Drybar.

SY: Are both of you passionate about getting massages?

BD: Yes! We are avid massage-goers and have been for decades. There is truly no other time where I am able to unplug than when getting a massage. It’s a holistic mind-body-soul healing experience and also why we were so excited to create Squeeze, which as our tagline denotes is “A Way Better Massage Experience.”

SY: What are some of the experiences you had, both positive and negative, that led you to launch Squeeze?

BD: Like any good business, the idea for Squeeze was born out of personal frustration and necessity. We didn’t like having to call individual locations to book an appointment, or stand in a clunky checkout line in that blissful, post-massage state of mind. There just wasn’t an experience out there that catered to our desires for convenience, personalization, and a brand that resonated with us — so we created one!

SY: So part of the innovation and ease for the consumer is that Squeeze is app-solutely app based. Why was this so important? 

AW: It’s incredibly easy and convenient to book a massage at Squeeze. Our proprietary app is highly customizable so you have the ability to thoughtfully choose your preferences before you even walk in the door. You can also read reviews on all our therapist to help you choose the very best options for you. And because you book, pay and tip all on our app, when you massage is complete you simply float out, no checkout.

SY: What does each massage include? You give the consumer extras that you don’t charge extra for, right?

BD: That’s right, at Squeeze we capture all of your personal preferences through our app before you even walk in the door. Everything from areas of the body you want focused on, what you want avoided, if you want more or less pressure, if you prefer oil or lotion, and so much more. It’s all saved to your profile so your therapist knows exactly your expectations and is prepared to give you a five-star experience. Other aspects that differentiate us from competitors are in-shop personalization features like an interactive aromatherapy bar, six different music playlists for you to choose from, a ready button on the table so you can let the therapist know when you’re ready for them to begin your massage. And extras don’t cost extra so there are no upcharges whatsoever — deep tissue, aromatherapy, heat therapy, percussion therapy, prenatal massage — it’s all included. It’s our commitment to creating a feel-good experience at every turn.

SY: With the app-based program your preferences are saved so from location to location, visit to visit, your therapist knows what you like. That’s so smart. Shockingly no one has thought of this yet! Is that an important element for you?

BD: 100 percent. People expect customization today and our therapists appreciate it too. They are healers and helpers, and want to leave our guests feeling better. No one wants to be going through a checklist of do’s and don’ts right before a massage. And oftentimes, it’s hard to say to someone’s face, “please don’t talk to me, I really need this hour to myself,” but on the app, you can note that without it being awkward. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference for everyone in our experience.

SY: How does the pricing work? Do you offer membership?

BD: Our pricing is simple. We offer a Mid and Main Squeeze, a 50- and 80-minute table massage respectively. Our membership rates are of course the best deal and hassle-free. Our members pay month to month and can pause or cancel at any time. Members can gift a massage to a friend, unused massages rollover month to month and never expire. And additional massages within a month can be booked at our exclusive member rates. Of course, we also offer Pay-Per-Squeeze pricing for those who want to come in less frequently, but we don’t recommend that! A monthly massage is so critical wto our well-being. Pricing ranges from $95 from $159.

SY: How many locations do you have and where?

BD: We have 15 locations open today and over 85 in development across the country. Our vision is to build the brand to 500 locations in the next five to seven years.

SY: When looking at expansion, why Westport?

BD: Westport is such an incredible town with a strong demo and its proximity to NYC. We know Squeeze will be warmly received and appreciated here. And our Operating Partners, Nicole and Jason Ruscio are fantastic. They embody our values and exude a true entrepreneurial spirit. We couldn’t be more excited for them and our first CT location!

5 Questions With…Nicole Ruscio Squeeze Westport Franchise Partner

Squeeze offers complimentary enhancements including deep tissue, heat therapy, percussion therapy and aromatherapy.

1. How did you become passionate about opening a Squeeze location in Westport?

We’ve always been interested in franchises, but the right one just hadn’t come along and the time was never right. In 2020, when the pandemic hit and we had our second daughter, we put things on hold and moved from New York to Connecticut. Not only did we completely fall in love with this community, but we also fell in love with Squeeze as we began to learn more and more about the brand. We were so enlightened to see a new concept that also fell in line with our passion for health and wellness, along with our values.  

When we first visited the Squeeze in Brentwood, TN., we noticed the morale of the employees as a telling sign that Squeeze really does walk the walk when it comes to caring for their people.  We are firm believers that if you value your employees first, it will lead to a better product/service thus resulting in happy customers.

We love all of Squeeze’s core values but one of them really hit home for us: “Do What You Love and Let it Love You Back.” Our goal is to create a place where our employees wake up excited to come to work while also providing the community with a place to improve their health and wellness.  At our core, Squeeze is a people centric company and we put our team and guests first.

The 1,838-square-foot shop boasts a modern yet sophisticated design, which features six treatment rooms.

2. Tell us a bit about the therapists herein Westport.

The therapists at Squeeze are all talented and passionate about their craft with each one specializing in various modalities, from deep tissue, Swedish massage, prenatal, Lymphatic Drainage, and Trigger Point therapy — just to name a few. One of the great things about our app and website is that while guests are booking their appointment, they can read each of our therapists’ bios to see who would fit their needs the best.  We truly have a team that spans a vast amount of specialists so everyone is sure to find the right fit.

right: Squeeze is app-solutely stress-free. Book, pay and tip on the app. So after your massage, you can just float on out.

3. What have you learned about the Westport community in terms of what they are looking for from Squeeze?

We believe Squeeze fills a gap between the high-end luxury spa experiences, which are amazing but may be hard to maintain as a regular part of your wellness routine, and discount chains which are at a practical price point but maybe miss the mark on the overall experience.

Squeeze provides a seamless, customizable, and relaxing experience at a reasonable price allowing the members of our community to really incorporate massage into a regular part of their routine.

In addition to learning what the community is looking for, we’ve also discovered how amazingly supportive other local businesses are.  It’s really been heartwarming to see how big our support system has grown and we are forever grateful! 

below: Set your own music and lighting, and let your therapist know when to re-enter using the “ready button.”

4. What are you most excited about?

It’s hard to pinpoint one aspect that we are most excited about.  Every chapter of this journey has been exciting and interesting in its own right and I am loving learning something new during each phase.  We are probably most excited about opening the doors and being able to see our guests’ reactions once they are able to experience Squeeze firsthand.  We are also proud to show our daughters that through hardwork and dedication, they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

5. Are you planning special events for the location?

We will be continuing to partner with local businesses to bring fun and exciting collaborations to our guests throughout the summer from ice plunge popups to complimentary mini massages at local salons, fitness studios, and events throughout the community.

Squeeze Massage 625 Post Road E., Westport

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