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High summer—and it’s really heating up out there. Whether you’re planning to cool off at the beach, on the boat or in the car during a roadtrip into New England, you’ll want to take along a handful of beauty luxuries. We dropped into the new Anthropologie at Bedford Square in Westport to get suggestions about summer-friendly finds that are a snap to pop into our “go” bag.


  1. HAIR. Try organic products to indulge stressed-out summer hair.

  • Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray. This spritz, from a small, female-run company, provides beachy texture with Atlantic sea salt and a touch of shimmer with gold mica. The formula also includes aloe vera, sea kelp extract, rose geranium and palmarose essential oils for a coastal treat. (by Captain Blankenship, $16)

  • Mermaid Hair Oil. Don’t mermaids always have the best hair? This plant oil-based remedy attends to dead ends and itchy scalps with a hydrating, scent-filled mix of pine and kukui nut oils, argan oil, jojoba oil and sunflower oil as well as essential oils, like sweet orange, rosemary and cedarwood. Who could resist? (by Captain Blankenship, $34)

  • Silk Pillowcase. At home or during an overnight trip, consider catching your well-earned Zzzs on a pure silk pillowcase. It’s more than a feminine, soft indulgence, it’s also soothingly cool and protects your facial skin from creases and your blow-out from bedhead mess. (by Slip, $79)


  1. SKIN. The three golden rules for summer skin care: clean, hydrate, protect.

  •  Antioxidant Dew. A summer shower isn’t the only way to hydrate your skin. This wild-crafted elixir—with sunflower seed oil, camellia seed oil, algae, aloe leaf juice, natural extracts and more—calms skin that is affronted by summer heat and sun, air conditioning, pollution, and so on. Lightweight, nongreasy hydration to the rescue, no umbrella necessary. (by Kypris, $72)


  • Everyday Sunscreen with Cellular Response Technology. If you’re going to apply sun protection, the way your dermatologist and many Hollywood celebs beg us to do, might as well consider a broad-spectrum product that boasts all-natural botanicals and is also cruelty-free, nonirritating and allergy-free. (by Supergoop!, $19)


  • Facial Sonic Cleansing & Massaging Expert. French women advise us wisely on fashion, food, and beauty. Perhaps we should listen to them about cleaning summer-stressed skin, too. Sweep away impurities with 42,000 soft bristles and sonicwave technology, then use the massage head to apply your favorite skin creams. (by Darphin L’Institut, $149)


  1. MAKEUP. Lighten up to brighten up.

    No Foundation Foundation. This lightweight formula melts into skin for that desirable no-make-up, just fresh-and-smooth finish. You like lots of radiance, but wrinkles and pores not so much. The SPF 30 antiaging formula gets to work with regenerative neuropeptides, vitamins and biotins. (by Perricone MD, $60)

  2. FRAGRANCE. Dab on a feminine scent that’s like a summer romance in full bloom.

    Child Perfume Eau De Parfum. We wonder if Susan D. Owens knew she was crafting a cult fave when she bottled a scent of white botanicals that define the season. This hard-to-find floral fragrance is a bouquet of vanilla, jasmine and magnolia with a summer’s breeze of lilac, rose and violet. ($169)

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