Stitched By Pamela’s Custom Sweater Sensation

above: A popular, fun yarn choice — cotton candy!.  Photographs: Kyle Norton

After Pamela Nieuw’s second son was born, she wanted to order a custom sweater she had seen online that could be embroidered with his name, but the company she chose kept selling out before she could place an order. “I became so frustrated that I said, ‘Let me just order some yarn, order a sweater, watch some YouTube videos, and try it on my own,’” Nieuw says. That first attempt at custom sweater stitching came out better than anticipated. When she posted a picture on social media, friends asked her if she could do something similar.

Founder of Stitched by Pamela, Pamela Nieuw.

Stitched by Pamela was born.

Today Nieuw has an active business stitching the names of kids on cardigans and pullover sweaters as well as baby blankets. The sweaters and blankets she uses are cotton and organic when possible. Her custom products can be ordered online through her Instagram account @StichedbyPamela or at Honey Pie, a children’s boutique on Riverside Avenue. Nieuw enjoys seeing her products out in the world. “I am really passionate about it and I love creating,” she says. “I love seeing my creations on the kids all over Instagram and all throughout Westport.”

left: Customers customize their order with Pamela by style, sweater color, yarn color and name. right: Each sweater is freehand drawn and hand-stitched with just a needle and yarn, with love, by Pamela!

Unique Design

Each custom sweater or blanket Pamela Nieuw makes is truly unique, as each is based upon her handwriting not computer stencils — so even two kids with the same name will get two different designs.

She offers three main products:

• A traditional pullover sweater
• A cardigan sweater with the custom name usually added to the back
• Baby blankets

The fee per sweater is about $70 and includes the sweater with a first name, regardless of how many letters it has. Middle names are $15 extra and other design flourishes such as a heart, generally run about $20.

Stitched By Pamela

Custom pieces available at Honey Pie
18 Riverside Avenue

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