The Best Sledding Hills in Greenwich, CT

Looking for a snow day adventure? Layla Lisiewski, Greenwich resident and the founder and CEO of The Local Moms Network, shares her picks for the best sledding hills in Greenwich.

The Best Sledding Hills in Greenwich, CT

1. Bruce Park

Bruce Park Dr, Greenwich, CT 06830
Bruce Park, known for its scenic beauty and open spaces, offers a popular sledding hill that’s perfect for families. The gentle slopes are ideal for younger sledders, and the picturesque backdrop makes for a wonderful winter day out.

Parking: Ample parking is available, making it convenient for families to visit with their sleds.

2. Montgomery Pinetum

130 Bible St, Cos Cob, CT 06807
This park is a hidden gem with its less crowded but thrilling sledding hills. Surrounded by towering pine trees, it provides a more secluded and natural sledding experience.

Parking: Limited parking is available near the park entrance.

3. Julian Curtiss School

180 E Elm St, Greenwich, CT 06830
The grounds of the Julian Curtiss School are known for its wide, open hill that’s perfect for a variety of sledding experiences. It’s a local favorite due to its accessibility and suitable slopes for all ages.

Parking: Street parking is available, but it can get crowded on weekends

4. Western Greenwich Civic Center Park

449 Pemberwick Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831
Offering a large hill with a gentle incline, this location is excellent for families and beginners. The Civic Center’s hill is well-maintained and offers a safe sledding environment.

Parking: There is a spacious parking lot at the Civic Center for sledders

5. Banksville Community House

12 Banksville Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831
This community center boasts a small but enjoyable hill, perfect for young children and those new to sledding. It’s a friendly, community-oriented spot with a welcoming atmosphere.

Parking: On-site parking is available, but it’s advisable to arrive early as it can fill up quickly.

6. Innis Arden Golf Club

120 Tomac Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870
While primarily a golf club, Innis Arden offers some of the best sledding hills during the winter. The hills here are more suited for adventurous sledders seeking a thrilling ride.

Parking: Parking is available, but non-members should check with the club for access during the winter season

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