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In this captivating business-guide-meets-leadership-manifesto, fashion designer Stacy Igel—founder of the global impact brand BOY MEETS GIRL®—takes readers on her twenty-year journey of building her company from the ground up, while raising a family and overcoming the daily challenges that women entrepreneurs face. She talks about: conquering discouragement; what it’s like to hire and fire employees; collaborations with celebrities and philanthropic organizations; and the ins and out of negotiating deals and partnerships. Through Igel’s story, along with insights gleaned from her colleagues and friends, she also covers topics such as, how to remain authentic, make a difference, celebrate every milestone, protect your assets and stand out in a competitive marketplace.



Nina Rice has written off romance. And friends. And her dream of scriptwriting for TV—all thanks to her devastating breakup three years ago. Now, safely ensconced at her aunt’s condo, working her talent agency job from home, a surprise meeting called by Ari Fox, a young breakout actress, reawakens all sorts of feelings Nina thought she’d left behind. Not to mention that Ari is a hot commodity, she’s out and proud, and she’s also a total control freak who encourages Nina to start writing again. The question is: Is Ari flirting with Nina? A relationship with a movie star is surely something she’ll mess up. But could it be worth the risk? Brimming with passion and tenderness, this book proves that unexpected love can last.



As a longtime personal assistant, Georgie Mulcahy has always put everyone else ahead of herself. But when unforeseen turmoil sends her away from her job in L.A. and back to her hometown, she’s forced to confront the fact that her own desires have consistently taken a back seat. When a “friendfic” diary she wrote as a teenager resurfaces, she realizes there were so many possibilities she once imagined for her life, and it becomes a guidebook for starting on a new path. Only her plan is averted as soon as she comes face to face with an unwelcome roommate—one-time town troublemaker and current town hermit, Levi Fanning. Yet, in a bewildering turn of events, Levi actually offers to help Georgie find her way and, in doing so, they begin to let go of the pasts that are holding them back from pursuing what’s right in front of them.



In the chilling second installment of the High Coast Series, residents of the small town of Malmberget are being relocated as the mine that built the town swallows it street by street into a huge pit they call “the hole.” When two workers hear a sound coming from a basement, they find a petrified man curled up in a corner. At the same time, in Ådalen, 700 kilometers away, police officer Eira Sjödin is investigating the disappearance of a man. Along with her colleagues, Eira searches his apartment, contacts his friends and family, and questions local hospitals, but the man is untraceable. She understands the pain of loss, as her own mother has dementia and, as a result, loses herself in an affair with GG—who’s twenty years her senior and her boss…until he goes missing and Eira is at the mercy of a mysterious perpetrator and an undeniable love.



Beloved heroine Finlay Donovan is back. And now she’s dealing with dating and diapers as a single mom (and author). Of course she’s still dodging bullets too. After she and her nanny/partner-in-crime Vero mistakenly destroyed a luxury car that they “borrowed” while saving Finlay’s ex-husband’s life, the Russian mob got her out of debt. But now she owes them big time. Mob boss Feliks tasks Finlay with finding a contract killer before the police do. Only one small issue: The killer might be an officer. Fortunately, hot cop Nick has started a citizen’s police academy and pressure from both Finlay’s looming book deadline and Feliks convinces her and Vero to dive in. Through firearm training and forensic classes, Finlay and Vero have the smokescreen to track down the real criminal and evade the mob’s grasp.

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