5 Westport Cafes We Love Right Now

above: Shearwater Coffee Bar offers an array of pastries

left: Cabbages Cafe’s menu features a variety of beverages and nourishments; right: Casa Me is open for both lunch, dinner and a seated bar

Whether you’re running in for a grab-and-go snack or sitting down to get some work done, these local cafés will have your back.


Ayr Barns opened their first brick-and-mortar store in September 2023 at 1835 Post Road East, Westport. Ayr Barns is a chic lifestyle brand founded in 2019 by interior designer Becca Casey. In their flagship store is Cabbages Café, founder Becca Casey explains why she opened a café, “It was really important to me that this is a space of immersion. My hope is for each customer to cross through the threshold of our shop and smell the coffee in the air, as they peruse the shop for inspiration.” In 2024, Cabbages is looking forward to welcoming customers for their new Happy Hour where they will be “offering small apps and a crisp glass of wine as the temperatures warm up,” Casey said

Ayr Barns
1835 Post Rd E suite 6,
Westport, CT
(203) 292-3016


The Granola Bar opened their flagship store in December 2013 in Westport, CT by Founders and friends Dana Noorily and Julie Mountain. In 2013, Noorily and Mountain founded TGB Hospitality Group which now consists of six restaurants a catering business, food truck and restaurant consultancy. The Granola Bar located in Playhouse Square has been a Westport staple ever since 2013. You can run in and grab a Nutella latte coffee and The Shrek smoothie or sit down for their famous chicken sandwich “The 203” or their signature avocado toast on artisanal sourdough from Flour Water Salt Bread. Don’t worry if you sleep in, they have all day breakfast. In 2024, The Granola Bar will be opening a location on the Upper West Side in Manhattan

The Granola Bar
275 Post Rd E, Westport, CT
(203) 557-0945


Studio Café is located adjacent to The Tailored Home by Jhon Ortiz in Sconset Square. Jhon Ortiz and Scott Falciglia, both interior and furniture designers, opened Studio Café to create a space that is both casual and over-the-top at the same time. The atmosphere was inspired by Spanish influence and maximalism. The menu includes all-day breakfast, sandwiches, entrees and empanadas. Scott shared Studio Café’s goals, “Our goals [are] to inspire people to eat whole foods and to always be a place that brings cheer through hospitality, food and design,” he said.

Studio Café
15 Myrtle Ave, Westport, CT
(203) 292-9111


No wonder the coffee at Shearwater Coffee Bar is so delicious, it’s made right here in Fairfield County. Shearwater Coffee Roasters was founded in 2013 and is up the road in Trumbull, CT. After four years operating as a roaster and distributing wholesale to restaurants, independent coffee shops and food markets, Ed Freedman launched the first Shearwater Coffee Bar in Fairfield. In 2019 he opened the Westport location. “After 10 years and roasting 500,000 pounds of organic coffee, we continue to demonstrate to the market our vision for high quality, delicious and healthy coffee,” Freedman said.

Shearwater Coffee Bar
833 Post Rd E, Westport, CT
(203) 557-6046


As spring approaches and we return to Al fresco dining, a slice of Italy will be waiting for you at Casa Me. Casa Me triples as a café, restaurant and bar. In October 2022 Casa Me opened their doors with a classic Italian menu. All items are made with the finest simple ingredients that have been carefully sourced from the best farms and vendors in Italy. Day or night they pride themselves with providing an authentic Italian ambience, “Our mission was to transport our guests to an Italian holiday where the feeling is effortlessly chic,” said founders Mario Fontana and Pina Ferlisi.

Casa Me
7 Sconset Square, Westport, CT
(203) 571-3230

Photographs: Shearwater images by Julie Denby; Ayr barns images by Rikki Snyder; other photos courtesy of cafés

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