Westport Company Launches MOZY Lower Body Wrap

You put down a pretty penny to build out the back property. And why not? Covid restrictions kept us home, so, logically, it was time to make it attractive and comfortable, including outdoor spaces to entertain friends. But now the weather is turning and getting downright frosty. Not to worry—light up the firepit and wrap yourself up in a MOZY (getthemozy.com). It’s a weatherproof lower-body wrap that conforms to you, so you stay warm and dry as that north wind chills the air. The wrap comes in a lightweight fleece option (for slightly nippy days) and a nylon version (to take on eyebrow-raising temperature dips).

The Mozy fastens at the waist, so your hands are free to hold a mug of hot cocoa and your legs are free to move. Aside from being weather-resistant, it’s also designed to protect against those pesky rivulets of cold air that always seem to find a way in with a regular blanket.

The local company behind the Mozy hopes people also use it for sporting events, replacing stadium blankets. Any parent who has attended a fall football game or day-long rowing regatta might give it a chance. “It all started when I was at an outdoor soccer game bundled up. It was a windy, freezing day, and the metal bleachers were too cold to sit on,” said Charles Sherts, owner of Thermic Innovations LLC, based in Westport and notes that its reason for being is apparel to help people live warmly. “I noticed other parents, even those with stadium blankets, struggling to stay warm. I knew this exposed lower body made up almost half of the body’s surface area and that there had to be a better way to enjoy outdoor events without freezing or running back and forth to the car to warm up.”

Customers can even customize their Mozy with patches.

What do you think—let it snow?

left: The Mozy blanket is adjustable to allow for different levels of warmth—wear at waist, zip halfway down or fully. – Photography: Barbara Majeski; top: The blanket includes extras, like a carabiner for holding keys, passes or other accessories. right: Fasten it snuggly all the way to your ankles for extra protection. – Photography: Andrew Muse Production;
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